10. Week of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

10. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 8. Week

10. Week of pregnancy includes of first trimester period. You are about to pass away hard times. There are so many problems in the first 3 month of pregnancy. With the 4. moth second trimester begins. We know the questions on your mind. Let’s start for the 10. Week.

How is The Baby Development at 10. Week?

Let’s begin with ‘What’s happening to the baby at 9. week?’. The 10. week of pregnancy, baby is big as plum. İt nearly 3.2- 4.1 cm and it has approximately 5 gr weight. The last of 10. Week, baby is not embryo anymore, it is a starts of the fetal period. You can take a deep breathe now, cause end of this week, the critical period is over. Because most of the congenital injuries occur before the 10th week. Very few such injuries occur in the fetal period, is after the 10th week. Therefore, you should keep away from pests such as stress, radiation, alcohol, drugs and chemicals that can damage the fetal cells.

What’s Happening to My Baby?

His/Her finger are separating each other in this week.

Its cartilage and skeleton bones are starting to become.

May be you don’t believe in this but its elbows are working even for now!

Its eyes are close and its eyelids shaped.

Ears are almost done end of the 10. Week.

Teeth begin to form under the gums

Every minute, 250.000 neurone are produced at this week.

Its kidneys produce urine and if it’s a boy, testosterone hormone is producing now

What Are The Difference on Mother At 10. Week?

Until this week, the changings were slowly. In this week, people still can not understand that you are pregnant. Still, you don’t need to wear pregnant clothes. But prefer comfortable clothes, it is healthy for you and for your baby.

You can feel some swelling under your arms and feet. Drink much water and you can walk as an exercise. Now you can start to gin weight for your baby’s health. A healthy pregnant woman must taken 12.5 -17.50 kg during the pregnancy. Your weight gives you an information to your doctor about your health. Due to edema, the corneal layer may become thicker during pregnancy. This challenge is sometime evident and it can may goes on until the birth. The fluid pressure in your eyes may be reduced by 10%, which may cause blurred vision. After a short time, your belly will begin to appear and your pregnancy will be noticed.

10. Week of Pregnancy Symptoms

Do not forget every pregnancy is similar but all pregnancies different at the same time. That’s why every woman live different symptoms. Pregnancy is not a sickness, But your body, immune system, diet, lifestyle, health history and many things about you will also affect your pregnancy.


Numbness, sleepy head



Gas, heartburn

Changes on Breast 

Vaginal discharge


Hunger desire

Be Ready For The Emotional Changes

You can realize that your emotions changes easily.  You can be pessimistic you can want to cry or you can find yourself in the dreamland. Do not yourself bad, let your mind free. Enjoy your feelings.

Don’t Hinder Your Examinations

Follow your doctor’s advice and stay in connect with him/her. Be sure to go to all appointments. The doctor will tell you how often you need to go to check, but it may be roughly summarized as follows. It is continued until the 35th week, once a month, after the 35th week, in the form of ten-day or weekly checks.

Do Not Neglect Yourself

In this period, there are many things becoming and you are changing. Your nutrition can be change or you can feel weird. You can feel yourself in deep or you can feel harm to decide. These are normal things. However, it may be good for you to relax and enjoy activities to make this period easier.

Nutrition at 10. Week at Pregnancy

What must you eat at 10. Week pregnancy? Pregnancy increases body’s protein needs. Proteins provide you amino acids for developing fetus, breasts, womb and ect. You should try 180 grams of protein every day for the first trimester and 240 grams of protein in the second and third trimesters. Many high-fat content. If you need to buy low-fat protein sources.









What Must I Eat For Baby’s İntelligent?

We talked about that every minute 250.000 neurone was produced. If you ask ‘What must I eat?’ than the reply will the ‘brain developer food’. You should prefer choline and DHA-containing foods.

Meat (Red)


Kinds of fish



Greeny vegetables


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