11. Week of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

11. Week of Pregnancy /9. Week of Baby

You are on the way of your pregnancy in 11. Week. Your baby is on its way at 9. week. You are 3. month pregnant right now. Let’s look what’s happening at 11. Week pregnancy.

What is The Baby’s Status At 11. Week?

How is the development of the baby is 11. Week? Many women ask this. Until this week, baby was 4.4-6 cm height head to butt. Her/His weight is 8 gr. Your baby is like a lemon right now 🙂

All organs are becOME, fetal growth is now faster. Between the 11th week and the 20th week the weight will be 30 times and the height will be three times. The blood vessels in the placenta will increase and grow in order to cope with this growth and to transfer the nutrients to the baby. The ears are moving to the two sides of head and neck is expand.

Is İt A Boy Or Girl?

In this week, your baby’s reproductive organs are developing and it show distinctive features. Previously genital organs in the form of tissue bud now begins to appear in the form of penis or clitoris and vaginal outer lips. You need more patience! After the 3 weeks later, you are going to know that is it a girl or boy. If you wonder much, we can suggest you something. If you are eating much, maybe you have a boy. Researches show that the baby boy’s mothers eating much according to the baby girl mothers.

What Are The Changes On The Mother at 11. Week?

11. week is the last of the first trimester. In this week, baby is growing so fast but changing on mother is little bit slowly. Nobody can not understand that you are pregnant mostly until 12. Week, if you do not tell. The mother can not understand that if the baby moves. İf you think your baby is moving, then it means you have gas or your week is over than 11.

The Symptoms: Hormones, Hormones, Hormones

When the hormones increase, you are vomiting and probably you have nausea. Or you can live headache, throwing, urination, sleepless or dreaming.

Pubic Pain and Stomachache

You can feel some pains which is effective on your inner belly. The connective tissues supporting the uterus are stretched to keep up with the baby’s growth. The reason for this pain is the tension of the round connective tissue that connects the womb to the abdominal wall. This is usually the cause of abdominal pain. 


Headache is the compliment about 11. Week pregnancy. Producing blood is increasing in this week but end of this month, it will be slowly. To deal with this challenge, your heart is beats than before. The circulatory system are working but it makes you headache. Your body is changing and it will keep to change. You can take a photograph from this moment.

What Must I Eat?

Carbohydrate foods are the main energy sources for the developing baby. These foods also allow the body to use the protein efficiently. Eat them as much as you need. You should take an advice from your doctor about nutrition on the pregnancy.

Black rice




Soya bean





Firs trimester is harder than second trimester. But now, you are on the last days of your first trimester. We suggest you to do exercise and take care of yourself. You can prefer yoga or pregnancy pilates.

First Trimester Test Which Are Applied at 11. Week

Period analysis is the important analysis which is doing in the first trimester. 

Blood Analysis: It measures the level of 2 specific substances. Gives the plasma protein A (PAPP-A) and beta human chorionic gonadotropin (BETA-HCG) values.

Ultrasound: The purpose is watching the baby. You can understand some anomalies with this way. So, it is the size of the permeable area of the baby’s neck. Nuchal translucency may be a sign of many diseases. 

Double Screening Test

People know this as an İQ test. It is used for the detection of Down syndrome and trisomy. Down syndrome is a genetic disease that causes mental retardation and other medical problems. In the vast majority of cases, the fetus must have two copies of 21 chromosomes and three copies. Both can lead to mental retardation.

When I Must Do Double Screening Test?

This test can be applied on a period when your baby’s height is 45-84 mm. Probably this period will be between 11.-14.week. The important thing is looking of beta HCG and PAPP-A in blood by giving blood on the same day as the ultrasound of the baby whose nuchal translucency is measured. This test can tell you whether the disease is risky. However, the baby in the full sense of the disease can not say. If the result is high risk, other examinations should also be made.

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