12. Week of Pregnancy/ 10. Week of Fetus
Pregnancy Week by Week

12. Week of Pregnancy/ 10. Week of Fetus

You are at the 12. Week of your pregnancy. You may wonder that which month you are in. You are end of your 3. month and first trimester. İt is soon for your pregnancy honeymoon.

Baby Development at 12. Week

Your baby’s height is head from to butt is 6.1 cm. Baby’s weight is between 8-14 gr. Probably you can heard your baby’s heart beating nearly. You can hear your baby with a machine which is calling ‘doppler’. At this week:

Hands and feet finger are completely separate. The nails are growing.

The baby has thin hairs on her/his body.

The digestive system can cause contractions that push food into the intestines. It can also absorb glucose (sugar).

İts reproductive organs are developing and it can show yourself.

The pituitary gland begins to produce hormones

Baby moves but you can’t feel this. 

Amniotic fluid are increasing. İt is almost 50 mL.

Changes on Mother at 12. Week

Mothers which are at 12. Week at pregnancy, they are end of the 3. month. This is the end of the first trimester. İt is a good news cause 2. trimester is easier than first trimester.

Estrogen and Progesterone Production Increases

End of the 12. Week, your baby and the placenta are producing more estrogen and progesteron than yours. As a result of increased production of estrogen and progesterone, breasts and milk glands in it continue to grow. You can see that the brown rings around the nipples are growing and darkening. Breasts can give a feeling of fuller and heavier. At the same time, sensitivity and pain continue to decrease.

Womb Expands

Until the 12. Week the womb can squeeze to the pelvis. But with the 12. Week, the womb expands. İt means that you are not feel bad to urination always. The pressure on the urine bag are decrease.

You Can Gain Weight

If there is not your first pregnancy, your pregnancy will be appearance at this week. You can feel that you are getting heavier this week. An you can realize that your legs and your butt are expand.

The Compliments About 12. Week

1- Headache

Headache is a normal compliment about 12. Week pregnancy. Blood production can cause this. With blood production, the heart beats more than before and it can gives you headache. İt has a many way to deal with headache. Feed regularly and balanced can be a way. You must sleep enough, walk enough and you can work on breathe methods.

2- Changes On Skin:

You can see many changes on your face or skin. İnner abdominal is getting darker and it will appearance just like a brown skin. You can see a line which is calling linea nigra. The faces can becoming on your face but they are not permanent. İt will gone after the birth. The capillaries are evident (angioma), small red branches on the skin are the relief. A similar situation is the redness in the palm. . The reason for these changes is thought to be the increased estrogen level during the pregnancy.

3- Take Care Of Yourself

Do not forget yourself when thinking of what are you going to do for your baby. Do not delay the exercises for yourself. You can choose pilates or pregnant yoga, it will make you feel happy and relaxed.

Nutrition at 12. Week of Pregnancy

It is not healthy to get more kilo in the first trimester period. If you gain more kilogram it will be so hard to carry your baby. Even your birth can be getting harder. We want to say that you must not delay the breakfast and you should stay away from the fast-food. Because in this 12-week period, if you’ve noticed how your behaviour affects your baby, what you eat and eat will be more important.

Run Away From The Useless Foods

You should stay away from the foods that which won’t be benefit for you. You should try to healthy food. Instead of candies, you can create alternatives such as mixed nuts, baked potatoes instead of French fries, freshly squeezed fruit juice instead of soft drinks, snack cheeses instead of salty crackers, whole wheat bread instead of white bread. You should be careful about to deserts if you are lower weight and you need to gain weight. The most important thing about pregnancy is to be attention on the nutritional values.

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