13. Week Of Pregnancy /Baby’s 11. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

13. Week Of Pregnancy /Baby’s 11. Week

13. Week Of Pregnancy: When you are 13.week of your pregnancy, your baby will be at 11. Week of itself. If you wonder that which month you are in, we can say that you end of your 3. month. Pregnancy is becoming 3 parts. They called as ‘trimester’. With this week, you are going to pass your first trimester. It will be easy after this week for you.

The Baby İs A Peach Now, How İs The Baby Development

Your baby is as big as a peach now. İts height from head to butt is nearly 6.5 cm to 7.8 cm and its weight is 13-20 gr. Fetal growing are increasing from this week to 24. Week. If we compare your baby’s growing, we can say that the baby’s head growing is slowier now. The developments are:

The gums were in the umbilical cord so far. but now, they are moving towards the abdomen.

Your baby’s voice cords are developin. Are ready for hear him/her?

Eyes are moving and they are getting closer to each other, baby is look like human more. The ears are about to complete.

If you wonder that can you learn the baby’s gender, this reply is ‘Yes’. If she/he is not shy, you can see the gender at ultrasound.

The Photographs Of Pregnancy

Have you got a pregnancy belly? If you say no, you are about to bigger. If you agree with a photographer, you can get very nice photos in this process.

What Are The Differences On Mother At 13. Week?

Your womb is as big as your pelvis right now and it goes on to expand. In the 13. Week, your belly is soft and just like a ball. You must got gain until now.  But you woul not if you have vomiting much. Now your clothes are too narrow for you. That’s why you can start choosing more comfortable clothes. There are so many compliments can be at 13. Wwek pregnancy. They can be swellings, vomitin, challenges on breasts or pregnancy cracks. 

13. Week Pregnancy Compliments: Cracks, Challenges, Chanes On Breast

Cracks are mostly seeing in the pregnancy. You can see this cracks at breasts, feet, booty and on the belly. İt is a best way to feed regularly to avoid them. Gain weight fastly can cause these cracks. If you use some medicine like hydrocortizon or topicort, this medicine can reach the baby via placenta. You must talk your doctor if you think use them.

The things you can do at pregnancy to avoid them:

Drink more water.

Feed foods which has antioxidant

Stay away from the sun

Do exercise

Use some creams with your doctor’s suggestion

Swellling And Gas Problem At Pregnancy: Wlcome to the Small Tube Consistency Mothers

Disorder in bowel movement is the important problems which is seeing in the pregnancy. I know that you are wondering why you swell or you have gas. There are some reason which causes this circumstance.

Progestorone is a hormone which makes large bowel’s lazy. It causes the things you eat stay in your stomach much. This is the reason of swelling an the gas. There are some tips to deal with them:

Keep attention on your bowel movements.

Divide your meals 6 part and eat less.

Eat slowly, if you eat fast you can swallow the air.

Stress and anxiety causes the gas problem especially in pregnancy.

Stay away from this foods: Carbonated drinks, onion, fried things, lettuce, cauliflower, bean.

You can be relaxed with drink leomade.

Breath corretly.

Changes On Breast: Am I More Sexy Now?

Breasts are change at the pregnancy. One of the most important symptom about pregnancy is that your breast pain and it becomes to getting heavier. After the 8. week, breats can be bigger. You can realize that your lines under your breast are evident. In the pregnancy the breast weight is nearly 200 gr. In the pregnancy it is increasing. End of the pregnancy it will be 400-800 gram. Breast feeding period each of breast can be 800 gram.

What Must I Do For Enjoying?

We were talked about the cracks and the gas problem. İt makes you nervous. But there are many things that you can do for getting enjoy at pregnancy. You can prefer massage or you can prefer pregnant pilates. These are the best ways.

Gain Weight At First Trimester: How Many Kilo I Must Gain At 13. Week?

If you are 13. Week, it means that you are about the complete your first trimester. In the first trimester your baby is smaller than a bean. So, you do not have to eat more in this period. Connect with your doctor and prepare a nutrition list. With a doctor suggestion, it can be a good plan to get 2 kilos at first trimester of your pregnancy. Many women do not gain weigth at first trimester because of the vomiting and nasuea problem.

6 month after the first trimester, you can gain weight much. Before ending effects of comiting, the foods smell good and you probably want to eat them. It makes you to gain weight. İt is a good way to be under control if you be balanced on your pregnancy.Body mass index is determined your pregnancy kilo. You can calculate your body mass index by dividing your weight by its square in meters. If you are in:

18.5-26 You are normal and you must gain 11-16 at pregnancy

26-29 Overweight and you must gain 7-11 kilo at pregnancy

Under 18.00 you are thin and you must gain 13-18 kilo at pregnancy.

Nutrition On 13. Week Pregnancy

How to 13. Week pregnant women feed? The answer will be easy: Without caffeine. Tke less of caffeine or you can stay away from the caffeine. Experts say that you can drink 2 little cup of coffee at pregnancy in  day. It makes 150-200 gr caffeine. If you take more caffeine to your body, it causes some negative effects on your baby.

Caffeine includes many thinks except of coffee. You must read some prescriptions. It includes caffeine. These are:

Coffee: In 150 gr: 60-140 mg caffeine

Tea: In 150 gr, 30-65 gr

Chocolate: In 30 mg, 25 Mg caffeine

Drinks without alcohol: 360 g, 35-55 mg

Medicine: 25 mg caffeine

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