14. Week of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

14. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 12. Week

It is a good new! You are finally of your 2. trimester. One of gone and there are 2 trimester  period to go. Many of pregnant women, 2. trimester is just like a honeymoon. The compliments are getting decreasing with this week. Here are the information about 14. Week:

If you wonder what month 14. Week in, it will be at 4. month you are in. You are on the begin of the 4. month. The symptoms which are make you nervous, getting decreasing. Vomiting is about the go. Your energy level is getting increasing. İf you are going to WC much, do not worry, you don’t need to go anymore 🙂 Your breasts are still heavy but they do not hurt much after this week.

How İs The Baby Development at 14. Week?

At the end of the 14th week, as in children, fetuses begin to grow at different speeds. They are following the same process although they grow different speeds. We can say that the baby is in a straight position with this week. Its height from head to butt is nearly 8-9.3 cm, and its weight is nearly 25 gr.

Can I See My Baby’s Gender?

The most important subject about pregnancy… If you do not know yet, probably you will learn your baby’s gender with this week. If he is a boy, you can see a prostate gland; if she is a girl her eggs move to her womb in this week. Briefly, you can learn your baby’s gender in this week if you have an examination. Your baby is going to produce hormones because its thyroid glands are start. Its palatine is becoming.

Changes At Mother at 14. Week

If you are in the 14. Week of your pregnancy, you can wear pregnancy clothes now. You must start to wear pregnancy clothes which are in you feel relaxed in. İt is a quite important subject to make yourself relaxed you and your baby about to pregnancy. In this week, your skin, your muscles and your womb are getting distend for baby’s settlement. The Symptoms at 14. Week can be:

Changes Caused of Growth Of Womb

At the 2. trimester, your womb is getting move to the up. It changes of your body’s gravity center. The womb is big in this week and it is so big for the pelvis. It makes a stretching on your body. This causes pain, contraction and cramps. Groin pain is also a symptom of 14. Week pregnancy. You can feel the pain on your groins. Cause your muscles are getting flex at this week, but if you have much pain you must go to doctor. Hemorrhoids are also big problems of the pregnancy. It becomes because of the womb expand. Hemorrhoids are blood vessels expanding in or around the anus. These blood vessels are formed by a decrease in blood flow around the uterus and pelvis. Treatment is by feeding enough fiber and avoiding constipation by consuming plenty of fluids.

Changes At Respiratory System

Lung capacity increases due to progestoren hormone. In this week you can breathe 30% or 40% more than before. Thus, more oxygen is transported from the blood to the baby. In addition, more carbon dioxide is removed from the body. In this case, you may feel more breathing. Most pregnant women experience this condition. You can learn to use your breathing correctly by doing pilates.

Changes On Skin

Nevuses are one of the smyptom of the 14. Week of pregnancy. 14. Week pregnant women can see this on her body. Nevuses can become at pregnancy or they can grow up on the pregnancy. Normal nevuses are increasing at the pregnancy, it is a normal status. If you have them you can take an information from your doctor.

Preparation To Birth

You can think that it is so early to prepare something for birth. But it is not early. Many wo0men prefer to go pregnancy course at 2. trimester. You can choose this. Experts say it can be a good way to going some courses about pregnancy is healthy for birth 

Do Something For Yoursef

Do something for yourself, you can struggle with the pregnancy compliments. In this process, you can choose pregnant yoga or pilates. İt will makes you happy.

Things To Pay Attention at 14. Week

Radiation: Vehicles such as xRAY, Ct or Mr are devices that can cause damage to the baby. Experts say that these vehicles are increase to cancer risk. So they are not recommended at the pregnancy. It can lead to developmental disorder to the baby. Some doctors believe that the safest way is to not be exposed to x-rays during pregnancy. Research shows that the fetus is at high risk, especially between the 8th and 15th week of pregnancy.

Dental Care

You must go to dentist at least one time at pregnancy. Cause an infection can hurt you and your baby. If a treatment applies on you, you must give an information to your own doctor.

Nutrition At 14. Week of Pregnancy

You can get help from an expert if you don’t handle with eating high calories foods. Pregnancy is not a good period to be in a diet. You must take the calories that you need enough. Gain weight uncontrollably leads some problems at pregnancy. It causes diabetes or high blood pressure. It can increase the varicosis and cracks on the body

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