15. Week of Pregnancy: Baby Development/ Baby’s 13. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

15. Week of Pregnancy: Baby Development/ Baby’s 13. Week

We know that you always research ‘What is happening of 15. Week of pregnancy?’ We did it for you already. Everything about 15. Week of pregnancy.

Let’s begin with which month are you in. You are in your 4. month of pregnancy. 15. Week of pregnancy is in 2. trimester and it shows same symptoms with 2. trimester symptoms. The pregnancy complaints are getting decreasing in this week. The body got used to the pregnancy.

15. Week of Pregnancy and Baby Status

The baby’s height at this week is nearly 9.3-10.3 cm. And its weight is nearly 50 gr. So we can say that it is as big as an orange. Its eyebrows are becoming and it has a hair already on tis head. Its eyes are look like a baby. Its skeleton system are developing. End of the 15. Week it can punch.

Can I Feel My Baby?

You must know that you can not feel your baby this week . But it is really active in your womb. İt moves everywhere.

Take A Photograph Of Your Pregnancy

You can see your baby’s growing, it is not a feeling anymore. You can make an amazing memory if you take a photograph from this week. You can work with a photographer.

Changes At Mother At 15. Week

Let’s begin with how big you are. You can tell them that you are pregnant in this week and many people can understand this Cause your belly is big enough. Maybe you can feel your 7.6-10 cm womb under your belly. Your breasts are still growing in this week. Maybe you can feel the breast milk in this week, it is normal. You can talk your doctor bout this change. Every woman has a different pregnancy. You can live these symptoms:


Less Urination

Less vomiting



Breast growth, pain on breast

Headache, dizziness, fainting

Bleeding from nose

Bleeding when brushing teeth

Hemorrhoid, pain

Vaginal discharge

The Problems at 15. Week

Urinary tract infection: The hormone progesterone, which increases in the body during pregnancy, relaxes the muscles carrying the urine and slows the flow of urine. In addition, expanding uterus also prevents urine flow. You may get urinary infection if you feel have to pee but you don’t. Talk your doctor as soon as possible and have your treatment.

Heartburn: Many women complaint about this problem at pregnancy. The increase in progesterone and estrogen hormones tend to loosen soft muscles, including the digestive tract. So the digestive system slows down.

Abdominal pain and pubic pain: You can feel pain under your belly an on your womb. Your muscles and skin are getting flexible, that’s why. It has not any dangerous but you can talk your doctor if you are worry about it.

Low Blood Pressure: Your systems are getting expand. It causes the low blood pressure. You can feel dizziness mostly. Until the 24. Week, it is normal, after the pregnancy it will become normal rank.

Teeth Pain: Pregnancy hormones are not good for teeth. They are swelling other structures. It can bleed easily. It can bring you to lose tooth. So you can be careful on this. Go for a dentist. 

Tests at 15. Week

Quadruple Screening Test: İt is very common and important test of pregnancy. İt determines 4 matter in blood. It shows hormones and blood value. It detects some failure on baby. This test is applying in 2. second. You can do this test between 15-18. Until 22. Week, you can do.

Genetic Amniocentesis: Another test which is applying at 15. Week is Genetic Amniocentesis. Particularly during this period, the reason for this period is the amniotic fluid in the uterus. Leakage is unlikely. Having the test done before 15 weeks may increase the risk of pregnancy loss.

The Things To Pay Attention At 15. Week

Sleeping position: İt is not recommended to lie supine or welter position. İt gives baby harsh. You must get support from pillows under your back and your feet.

İnsomnia: İnsomnia can be hard at pregnancy. You can prefer these tips before the deal with insomnia

Sleep regularly and wake up regularly

Do not take your body much water after 19.00 night 

Stay away from caffeine at nights

Do exercise regularly.

Drink milk before sleeping and you can choose warm bath.

Read a few paper of book, it will help you.

The optimum temperature is 21 degree.

Lie with a pillow that will help you

Travel at 15. Week of Pregnancy

You are the most available time to travel. 2. trimester is suitable for this. If you have a travel plan 14-28. Week can be ideal. But definitely you must ask the doctor and give information to him/her about to travel.

Exercises At 15. Week of Pregnancy

You must avoid from the exercise which are you must stay in supine. İt is not good for you and for your baby. This may cause problems with blood circulation. Standing for a long time without moving can also force the circulatory system. Swim, walk, pilates and yoga are types of exercise that are compatible with the period of pregnancy.

Nutrition At 15. Week Pregnancy

You must add 300 calorie to your feeding plan. You must feed protein rich food. It will be a good thing if you avoid packed thing or carbonhydrated food. In the 4. or 6. month you can take 450-700 gram at one week, it is normal. 

Sex At 15. Week Of Pregnancy

Having sex at pregnancy if you are in 2. trimester calling as a golden period. You can desire to sex in this period. Your symptoms were decreased in that time and women feel herself strong for the sex. During this period, you can orgasm easily. Because the clitoris, the lips and the vagina more blood is easier to cum than ever before

Sex Positions At 15. Week of Pregnancy

You can wonder the pregnancy sex positions on 15. Week. The applied positions are the comfortable things for women. You can choose the positions that you are on. However, from the 4th month, you should take care not to spend much time lying down, especially on your back. But according to your pregnancy sex can be forbidden to you. Stay connection with your doctor get information from him/her.

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