16. Week of Pregnancy /14. Week of Baby
Pregnancy Week by Week

16. Week of Pregnancy /14. Week of Baby

You are on the 16. Week of your pregnancy and your baby is its own 14. Week. İf you wonder which month that you are in of pregnancy, you are in the 4. month. At the same time you are in the 3. week of 2. trimester. 

Baby Development At 16. Week

Baby’s height from head to butt is 10-13 cm, its weight is 80-150 gr.

In this week lanuga hairs cover the baby’s body.

Nails in the hands are completed in this week

Feet are taller than hands now

It will moves if you touch your belly

Baby’s Movement at 16. Week of Pregnancy

Baby’s movements can see at ultrasound. The eyes can blink and its extremities are move. Many women say that they can move her baby’s movement at this week.  They describe this movements as a butterfly flaps. The baby can be felt at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Can I See The Gender?

With a good ultrasound vehicle and the doctor, you can see your baby’s reproductive system and you can understand its gender. Testes are in the glands now. 

Changes On Mother at 16. Week

Your womb is getting increased in this week. 6 weeks ago your womb weight’s was 140 gr. Now it is 250 gr. We can say you have a big belly right now. The amniotic fluid is getting increased. There is 250 mL. Your womb is nearly 7.6 cm. You can feel your womb under your belly. Pubic pain can be normal at this week.

Do Not Neglect Yourself

Do not neglect yourself  in this week. You can choose yoga or pregnancy pilates. İt will give you enjoy. 

The Thing To Pay Attention At 16. Week

The most important question about this week is ‘How to Lie On Bed?’ You must not lie like a backstroke. İt will harm you. It leads to pressure to vessels. And baby got less blood. Blood flow from mother to fetus provides nutrients that the fetus needs to thrive and grow. You must not forget this important point and endanger the development of the baby.

Nutrition At 16. Week

You must eat snacks at pregnancy. Especially you must eat at 2. trimester period. There are a few rule about this subject. This foods must be nutritive. You must feed enough. İt is so important of pregnancy. You can prepare snacks before you eat. Plan weekly, go shopping, prepare food for your meals. Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk and dairy products, eggs, nuts.

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