17. Week of Pregnancy / Baby’s 15. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

17. Week of Pregnancy / Baby’s 15. Week

We read many things about 17 weeks pregnancy for you. Start to the read.

17 weeks pregnancy makes 4. month of pregnancy. You are on your 2. trimester, each trimester is 13 weeks and you are 4. week of your 2 trimester. 

Baby’s Status at 17. Week of Pregnancy

The baby’s height from head to butt is nearly 11-13 cm.  İt is 2x cm height than before. And its weight is nearly 1 or 1.5 kgs. İt is getting growing. The fat is starting to become int his week. Fat, called fat tissue, is important for the body’s heat production and metabolism. At the end of pregnancy, the fat in the baby is about 2.4 kilos per kilogram. It is working on sucking and swallow right now. They are needs for it. The heartbeats are setting from the brain İt beats 140-150 times in a minute. 

Baby Movements At 17. Week

Your belly is big right now. There is a swallow of your lower abs. Your womb is nearly 5 cm. If you hug your husband, you can see the distance to each other. İt will shows you how a big belly you have. You can take a photograph and make an album for yourselves. You must start to wear ample clothes. You must stay away from the clothes which are pressure on your pubic. İt is normal if you have 2.5 or 4 kgs.

The Change on Womb: It Is Getting Expand

When your pregnancy is going your womb is being like a sphere. It is not round it is oval. İt is big for womb and it moves to the belly. When you stand up, the uterus is worth the anterior abdominal wall. You can easily feel your uterus in this position.

Round Ligament Pain

Round ligaments are the 2 sides of womb. When the womb is getting big, ligaments are distend. It can be a reason of the pain. There can be a pain of two side or one side. There is no harm for your baby. You can feel the pain if you lie. If you have a severe pain, you must talk your doctor. 

Vaginal Discharge: İs it İnfection Or Not

It is normal that the increasing of vaginal discharge at pregnancy. İt is normally white or yellow. You can use pads if you have more discharge. It is not an infection. You must avoid to wear nylon clothes. You can choose cotton. There are some vaginal infections at pregnancy. They can be dangerous. It smells bad. İf you have this, you must to go doctor. You must not clean the inside of vagina even you not pregnant. It causes bleeding or more bad things.

Nutrition At 17. Week Should I Eat Meat or Not?

You have to be careful at pregnancy. As you know, some women prefer eating meat and some one don’t prefer this lifestyle. If you give the eating meat up, you must be sure that you take enough calorie to your body. During pregnancy, the aim is to be fed with different kinds of protein sources in which you can get enough energy for the fetus and yourself. It is also important to have the vitamins and minerals you need. You can take an information from your doctor if you don’t eat meat.

Cramps At Pregnancy

You shouldn’t be standing when you are pregnant. İt might be good for you to lie on your two sides. Flexibility exercises help you to avoid cramps at pregnancy. Grapes and bananas will help you at this process. Be sure that you drink of 2-3 L water.

Triple Screening Test or Quadruple Screening Test?

Quadruple screening test will help you to determine your baby’s health. You have carry on a baby who has Down syndrome and many kinds of sickness. Quadruple test is most important test which is definitely you prefer. You can do it at 17. Week. Until 22. Week you can choose this test.

The quartet screening test is the same as the triple screening test, except for the fourth one, the Inhibin A level. This fourth assessment (inhibin A level) increases the sensitivity of the standard triple screening test to determine Down syndrome by 20%. İt includes triple screening test. 

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