18 Week Pregnancy Development/ The 18. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 16. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

18 Week Pregnancy Development/ The 18. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 16. Week

Dear mother, welcome to your 18. Week of your pregnancy. At 18 weeks, you are carrying a little man in your belly. You are 4 months of pregnant. It corresponds one weeks of the 5. month. Here is the information about 5th week of pregnancy

Baby’s Development at 18. Week of Pregnancy

The baby’s weight is wondering by many women. Your baby is 150 gram and it has 12.5-14 cm height. You can hear the kicks or little punch at this week. His foot and finger prints are completed. In this week the doctor can detect some anomalies at this week. 

What İs The Gender?

To 20. Week, the gender is getting evident. The vehicle’s model, the experience of doctor and the position of fetus is important to determine the baby’s gender. Sometimes, the baby’s does not show his/her organs. 

Baby’s Movement at 18. Week of Pregnancy

The baby is growing. We know that you are wondering of your baby’s movements. Probably, you can feel your baby end of the this month. Mostly women can feel her baby’s movements at 18-22. Weeks.

Changes on Mother at 18. Week at Pregnancy

Your womb is as big as melon right now. You can feel it under your belly button. Probably until this week, you must gained 4.5-5.8 kgs. But it can change one woman to another. If you had much gain, you must take a support from a dietician. You must calculate your body mass index and do not exceed this.

Pregnancy Symptoms At 18. Week Pregnancy

Do not forget that every pregnancy is different. There are many symptoms about pregnancy but each woman feels another one. Some of women do not live them. They are the symptoms:

İncreasing of vaginal discharge

İncreasing of blood pressure

Changes on belly button

Colour changes on skin

Cramps at feet



Nasal Obstruction


Reality feelings about the pregnancy

Sensitivity at gums

Complaints About 18. Week of Pregnancy

Back and waist pain: The joints which standing in the pelvis are getting relaxed for provide baby’s passing at the birth. Your belly is grow and your gravity center changes. That’s why you live pains on your back and waist.

The Tips:

Seat straight, keep your posture correct.

Don’t stand up much, don’t seat much

Stay away from lift heavy

Don’t get gain much

Choose your shoes correct

You can get support from your pregnancy pillows.

Do not reach up

You can prefer hot or cold compress.

Belly and pubic pain: Because of the womb’s growth, the joint and muscles are distend. If you cough, you feel the pain on your pubic. It takes a lot. It is normal, if you have much; you can ask your doctor.

Frequent Urination: The biggest complaint’s about pregnancy is frequent urination. Urine infection leads to frequent urination. When the womb’s growth, the urine is getting slowlier. The most prominent features of bladder infection are; feeling of urgent urination, frequent and painful urination, especially pain in the urine and a feeling of tingling.

Feet or Hands Swelling: At the pregnancy, you are swelling. You can see that your feet and your hands are getting swelling. The hormones cause this. If you can rest your feet will be okay.

Ultrasound of 2. Trimester: It Can Apply From 18. Week

Ultrasound is used to determine the presence of any anomaly. This is called the second trimester ultrasound. Between 18 and 20 weeks. It is important for risky pregnancies. You can see the fetus age, its heart and other anomalies.

Nutrition at 18. Week of Pregnancy

It is quite important to take iron to the body at pregnancy. Your blood pressure are increasing, that’s why you must to get iron into your body. You must east some food which are iron rich. Turkey, chicken, red meat, egg can be one of them. Consuming a food rich in vitamin C with a food containing iron increases the absorption of iron. You should talk with your doctor about the nutrition and your diet list. You can get support from a dietician for a healthy pregnancy.

Exercises: 2. Trimester Exercises

Your balanced can effect because of your womb’s growth. Cause it leads to changing your body’s gravity center. That’s why you must do some exercise, it will help you and your baby. You should avoid from the extreme sports at pregnancy. You can shoose pregnancy pilates or yoga

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