20. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 18. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

19. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 17. Week

Dear mother, while you are in your 19. Week, your baby is living its 17. Week. You are living a miracle period. We want to give some information about 19. Week of pregnancy.

The Development at 19. Week of Pregnancy

We know that you are wonder of your baby’s weight and its height. In this week baby’s height will be head to butt is 13-15 cm. Your baby’s weight will be 200-225 gram. It will be increased until to the birth 15 times. 

Vernics: Its Body is Under Control!

Vernics is a matter which is protect the baby insanely. It looks like fatty cheese but is very helpful for the baby. The Vernic protect the baby from cracks and other harms. This substance can be found in premature births.

My Baby Drinks Its Pee! Oh My God!

Your baby’S kidneys can produce urine right now and yes your baby is drinking its own pee. But otherwise you think this fluid is totally sterile and safety. There is a circulation in the amniotic fluid. 

She/He Understand the Music

Your baby can hear. You can tell it sing a song or you can talk with it. İt can hear you.

Can I Feel İt?

The baby is growing, its reflex are developing and it moves. You can feel in your baby’s movements at 19. Week or you not. Every pregnancy is difference.

Changes On Mother at 19. Week

Your womb which is under your belly is nearly 1.3 cm. İt can be seeing from the outside. In the 20. Week the womb will expand to the belly button. You can’t hide your pregnancy in that time. Probably you get 3.6 or 6.3 kg. 200 gr is belong to your little baby. Placenta is nearly 170 gram, your breasts are 360, and your womb is 320 gram.

Complaints About Pregnancy at 19. Week

Dizziness: It is a symptom which is common in the pregnancy. Blood pressure can cause this. It mostly begins at 2. trimester. It has a 4 reason.

The womb pressures to the vessels: When you lie, you can feel it.

Standing fastly: Due to gravity, the blood drops from the brain, so when you get up quickly, your blood pressure drops. Standing up slowly and accustomed to exercise can reduce the problem.

Anemia: Anemia causes numbess, tiring and many things. It causes dizziness. 

Blood glucose level: High or low blood glucose level can cause dizziness. Eat regularly and balanced. You can solve this problem with this way.

Nutrition at 19. Week Pregnancy: 5-6 Meal is İmportant

Researches show that the women who eat little and close have a healthy baby than women who ate big and 3 times in a day. 5-6 small meals a day to keep the blood level and sugar in the balance of the fetal development has been found to be better. Because the 3 major main meals mean that the blood level will rise and fall during the day.

The Things to Pay Attention

Using Herbal Product in Pregnancy: You want to use herbal products and you can her they have benefit. If you want to use them, definitely you must ask your doctor.

Calcium: Body’s calcium needs getting increasing in the pregnancy nearly %50. Although this, it is really dangerous to get 1200 mg calcium in a day. You should talk to your doctor and you must listen him/her.

Sleeping positions At Pregnancy

Sleeping by lie on or lie back are not the most effective sleep positions. If you are pregnant, you can hurt yourself and baby if you sleep like these. You may sleep to tilt. İt will be a best position with you and the baby. You can put your arms a pillow then you can try to sleep.

Travel at 19. Week of Pregnancy

If you want to travel, 2. trimester will be the best period for travel. First trimester includes more risk and in the 3. trimester you are heavy cause it is soon to birth. It is also important question that where are you going. Cause if you are pregnant, you have to be in optimum temperature and you must choose the vaccine if you don’t get infection.

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