20 beauty tricks every woman should know
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20 beauty tricks every woman should know

We’ve put together 20 beauty tricks that you should know and will make your life easier !

1. Moisturizer instead of makeup base

Moisturizer instead of makeup base

You may have forgotten to take your makeup base with you, or you may not even have a makeup base. So you don’t have to worry, you can use your moisturizer as a make-up base to make your skin look flawless.

Our recommendation: L’Oréal Paris Moisture Therapy Aloe Vera Juice

2. Don’t throw away your finished mascara

Don't throw away your finished mascara

You can continue to use it after cleaning your brush, not throwing away your finished mascaras . When you accidentally apply too much mascara to your lashes, when it clumps, you can use the old mascara brush to separate your lashes.

3. Matte lipstick with transparent powder

Matte lipstick with transparent powder

For your satin finish lipstick, “I wish it was matte!” If you say so, you can get a matte finish to your lipstick with a little makeup tip . All you have to do is go over it with a light transparent powder after applying your lipstick .

Our recommendation: Maybelline Fit Me Transparent Powder

4. Both lipstick and blush

Both lipstick and blush

You can also use pink, rose-colored and red-toned lipsticks as a blush . If you forget to take your blush with you, don’t worry! Apply the lipstick to your cheeks and distribute it with your fingers. In fact, your blush will be much more permanent thanks to the creamy finish.

Our recommendation: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Crayon 20 Enjoy The View

5. Glossy lipsticks make great illuminators

Glossy lipsticks make great illuminators

If you want to achieve a wet-finished luminous effect on your face, you can use lip gloss as an illuminator . L’Oréal Paris’s Plump & Shine lip plumping lipsticks are the lipsticks we use most in this regard. When used as an illuminator, they give a very natural, luminous effect.

6. Easy eyeliner trick

Easy eyeliner trick

If you find it difficult to draw eyeliner, we have a great makeup tip for you: place a useless business card on the corner of your eye and draw it by aligning the tail of the eyeliner to the end of the business card. You no longer have to think about how to draw a sharp eyeliner without leaving a trace !

Our recommendation: NYX Professional Makeup Epic Ink Liner

7. To have smooth lips

To have smooth lips

If you are a matte lipstick addict like us, you must not be able to tolerate your lips looking dry and cracked. To make your matte lipstick look flawless on your lips, you can exfoliate your lips before you start makeup.

Our recommendation: Garnier Apricot Peel

8. How to make your eyes bigger

How to make your eyes bigger

The reason for their small eyes may be due to the droopy eyelids. If the distance between your eyebrows and eyes is short, you can make your eyes look bigger by brightening under them.

Our recommendation: Maybelline Master Chrome Molten Rose Gold Illuminator

9. Destroy unruly baby hair

Destroy unruly baby hair

If your baby hair is bothering you when you collect your hair in a ponytail , we have a very easy tip: save an unused toothbrush and comb the baby hair back with a spray of hairspray. Here is the perfect ponytail for you, in 2 minutes!

10. Eliminate under-eye puffiness

Eliminate under-eye puffiness
If you are going to an important place and you have little time to prepare, you can easily get rid of puffiness under the eyes with this tip. Keep the paper mask you will apply under the eyes in the refrigerator for 15 minutes! With its refreshing effect, you will look perfect in a short time.

Our recommendation: Garnier Moisture Bomb Anti-Puffiness Paper Eye Mask

11. Contour with Bronzer

Contour with Bronzer

If you want to size up your face and make it look slimmer, you will need a contouring powder to do this . If you don’t have a contour product, don’t worry, you can also use your bronzer to size your face. You can apply bronzer under the cheekbones, on the forehead, on the jaw line and on the sides of the nose by contouring.

Our recommendation: Maybelline New York City Bronzer 200 Medium Cool

12. For a healthy and fresh skin

For a healthy and fresh skin

If you want your skin to have a glow from within and your skin to look much healthier and fresher, you can mix 1-2 drops of liquid illuminator into your foundation . The natural glow that this method will give will really make you happy.

Our recommendation: L’Oréal Paris Glow Mon Amour Liquid Illuminator 02 Loving Peach

13. To apply the perfect red lipstick

To apply the perfect red lipstick

If you love to use red lipstick but can’t apply it properly, we have a makeup tip for you to solve this problem easily. After applying your red lipstick, take a concealer with a thin brush and go over the overflowing areas. Here are the perfect red lips for you!

14. Light up your body

Light up your body

Illuminators aren’t just for the face! We love this shimmering effect on the body, too. If you want to make your own body illuminator, you can mix liquid illuminator into your moisturizer. We explained how to do it in detail in this article !

15. Enhance the effect of headlights

Enhance the effect of headlights

If you want the eyeshadows you use in eye make-up to give more color , you can spray your eyeshadow brush with make-up fixing spray. You can double the effect of your glittery and metallic eyeshadows with this method!

16. For smoky eyeliner

For smoky eyeliner

If you want to sharpen your eyes but don’t want to use eyeliner for this, you can get help from your headlights for a more foggy result. All you have to do is spray some makeup fixing spray on your cut-tipped eyeshadow brush and apply the shadow like an eyeliner .

17. Evaluate your dark foundations

Evaluate your dark foundations

If you have a foundation that is too dark for your skin , you can consider it as a bronzer. At the same time, you don’t have to throw away your dark foundation that you can use to size your face anymore!

18. Hide stubborn dark circles

Hide stubborn dark circles

If the bruises under the eyes are too intense and the concealer is not enough, you can use salmon colored concealers . You can get a higher coverage because salmon and pink concealers will neutralize the dark circles under the eyes. Then you can finish it off by applying your own colored concealer on it.

Our recommendation: Maybelline Instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer Fair

19. Hide traces of smeared mascara

Hide traces of smeared mascara

It can sometimes be impossible to apply mascara without leaving a trace at the bottom of the eyelashes. When you place the mascara on the bottom of the eyelashes, you can inevitably smear it on the eyelid. To avoid this risk, you can apply a dark eyeliner or eyeshadow to the bottom of your eyelashes. In this way, you will both make your eyelashes more prominent and it will not be obvious even if the mascara is smeared .

20. Destroy “Cakey” skin

Destroy "Cakey" skin

If you like matte-finished skin make-ups , and if you apply powder to increase the permanence of your make-up, you may also suffer from that over-powdered look we call ” cakey “. To prevent this look, make-up fixing sprays are your best friends . Keep the make-up sprays with you, which will take the powdery look and make your make-up look more natural, or even apply it to freshen it up during the day.

Our recommendation: NYX Professional Makeup Bare Wtih Me Makeup Setting Spray

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