20. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 18. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

20. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 18. Week

We know that you wonder of everything about 20th week pregnancy. Let’s start to read. You are in your 5. month. This is the 2. month of 2. trimester. İt is the golden period of pregnancy.

The Baby Status

The baby is head to butt nearly 14-16 cm and the baby’s weight is 260 gram. 

Do You Wonder İts Gender?

You can know your baby’s gender this week via ultrasound. To screening reproductive system, you can understand the gender. But even if the reproductive organs are clearly developed in terms of sex, there may be errors in the gender prediction due to the position of the baby or the model of the ultrasound device.

How About The Nails, Hairs and Skin?

The skin is getting tick. Forming layers under the protection of verniks. These layers are: Epidermis (the foreskin, which is the top layer), Dermis (90% of the skin), Subcutis (mostly fat)Hairs and nails are getting develop. İt has thin hair and eyebrows.

Baby Movements At 20. Week

With this week, you can understand your baby is real and you can feel it.

What is Happening to My Womb?

Until to this week, your womb is big to your belly button. İt is quite big. After 20. Week, the womb is growing regularly. It grows 1 cm every week. If your womb is 20 cm at 20. Week, it must be 24 cm at 14. Week. 

You must have test if your womb is 28 cm. Cause may be you have twin. If the size of the uterus is 15-16 cm, it may be necessary to undergo a good ultrasound check. Possibilities such as intraabdominal retardation, other problems or an error in the calculation of pregnancy may be possible. Every woman has different womb size. 

Gain Weight At 20th Week

In this week, it will be normal fi you got 2 kilos. End of the 20. Week, you probably got 4.5 kgs. In the first trimester you may got 1-3 kgs normally, 2. trimester 4-5 kgs and 3. trimester you may get 5-6 kgs. Gain slowly and regularly weight. All of the pregnancy you may got 11-14 kgs weight. If you gain weight slowly, probably you have no problem with cracks. 

What’s Happening at Heart and Circulatory System?

Your circulatory system is going to work so end of this month your blood pressure can be low. Your body produce more blood. Aha will then increase the body’s red blood cell production. If you do not take the daily iron need to increase the production of red blood cells, anemia will occur due to iron deficiency, which is manifested by a decrease in red blood cells.

İs My Belly Muscles Flexible?

When your baby growing your muscles and skin are getting flex. Women body are flexible. The muscles are adjacent to the lower portion of the rib and extend vertically into the pelvis. They can be separated in the middle line. You can feel this situation when you are lying. İt feels like you swelling. İt is not dangerous. 

Nutrition At 20. Week

Most women prefer sweetener instead of sweet at this week of pregnancy. Foods and drinks can be included sweetener. We don’t recommend you to use sweetener. Some researches show that they are not safe. Ask your doctor’s opinion if you want to use sweetener.

Sex At 20. Week of Pregnancy

The 2. trimester of pregnancy is most suitable period of the pregnancy. When gain weight, the sex can be hard for you. There are last 1.5 month to sex if you do not want to get hard when sex. You can keep going to sex in this period. If you recommend to position to you it will be a good recommend to say the position you are on or lying to your 2 sides. 

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