22. Week Of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 20. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

22. Week Of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 20. Week

You are on the 22. Week of your pregnancy. Your baby is 20. Week. You are in the second half of the pregnancy. Probably, you are wondering that what’s happening at 22. Week of pregnancy. You are completing the 5. month of the pregnancy. We explained for you all things about pregnancy.

Baby’s Developing at 22. Week

The baby who is its 22. Week is nearly 350-450 gr. It is heavy for keeping in the hands. If you wonder its height, it has 19 cm. Its body are growing and its organs are developing every day. In these weeks, the baby’s reflex may be sucked her/his finger. The reproductive system ,s developing. If he is a boy, his testes are moving to gland and if she is a girl, her vagina is becoming.

The Changes on Mother At 22. Week

You feel yourself pregnant cause it is already evident. Your belly is big, but it is not much big. You can sit and you can stand up easily. It isn’t hard to move. Your nausea is ending at this time. The pregnancy is so pleasant at these weeks. The progestorone level is higher than estregone level. Estregene will up this week. İt is going to be same at 21 or 22. Week. You can gain 5-6.5 kilograms at these weeks.

Uterine Contraction

You can feel womb pain at 22. Week. At this week the womb prepares itself to the birth. You can feel little pains or contractions. It makes the muscles to do exercise for birth. If you have pubic pain at 22. Week, we can say that the reason are the contractions. But these contractions are totally different from the real birth contractions.

Fatigue and Anemia

Anemia is a compliant which is common in the pregnancy. Many women complaint about this. If you have an Anemia, the treatment is so important for you and the baby. Cause if you have an anemia, probably you will not feel yourself good at during the pregnancy. You should share this to your doctor.

İnfluenza and Diarrhea at 22. Week of Pregnancy

You can live influenza or diarrha at pregnancy. Do not neglect to your doctor it can be an infection. You must drink more water if you have these sicknesses. Resting will help you at the same time. 

Nutrition At 22. Week of Pregnancy: Drink More Water!

You do not to be sick for drinking water. During the pregnancy you need water more than every time. Fluids can be helping many things on body. Digestion, protection of blood level can be one of them. 6 or 8 glass of water will be enough for you. 2 Litre can be ideal if you are in 22. Week of pregnancy. Headaches, cramps and many things will be decreasing if you take enough fluids to your body. You ca understand this with looking your urine’s colour If you take much more, the urine will be lighter.

Pregnancy Psychology at 22. Week

You can realize that your mood is changing in a day. The hormones can effect this. You need to be relaxed if you feel in stress. You can find here how to deal with stress and make yourself relax

İnsomnia can cause this. Sleep well and enough.

Separate your time to resting, listen music or read something.

Do exercise, especially you can prefer breath exercises.

Feed regularly, D and E vitamines are helpful.

Use the power of smells. Smell your favoruites and feel relaxed

Share your fears and worries to your family. 

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