23. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 21. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

23. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 21. Week

Dear baby, I am talking to you, I am on my 23. Wwek and you are 21. Week of your pregnancy. 

23. Week of Pregnancy

Let’s begin with the 23. Week of pregnancy. You are in the 6. Mont of your pregnancy. İt is 2. trimester. You are about to finish 2. trimester of your pregnancy. As you know, there are 3 trimester period of a pregnancy.

Pregnancy and Developing At 23. Week: Its Lungs are Developing, Its Face are Evident

Your baby is 450 gram right now. Its height from head to butt is nearly 20 cm. Your baby is getting fat but it still wrinkled. But it has not much fat yet. Its hair are getting darker. Its face and and body are completed. The vessels in lung are growing. It gets oxygen from the placenta. There is no air in the lungs.

Baby’s Movement At 23. Week

You can feel your baby’s movement until this time. Between of the 24-28 time, the baby is active. They move much cause there are many zone in the womb. But it is not regularly. You can follow your baby after 28. Week.

Changes On Mother At 23. Week The Womb İs Expanding

Your womb is on your belly button enarly 3.75 cm. You look round and your belly is evident. Do not compare yoursef to another pregnant. Every pregnancy is different. When your baby grows, the placenta grows at the same time. 

How Many Kilos I Must Gain?

People can comment on this subject at this week. If you have worries about your kilos, you can share this with your doctor. Your totally gain must be between 5.5-6.8 kilogram. Expert says 11-14 kg is normal.

Glucose Test at 23. Week Pregnancy

Sometimes, in the pregnant woman’s urine has glucose. You can see it 2. or 3. trimester. Doctors apply a glucose analysis test to pregnant woman. Glucose loading can be applied at end of the 2. trimester. 23. Week can be an ideal time for this. Blood tests are applyin for determine to diabetes. You eat at night than on the morning when you are hungry, the test apply. 

Staining at 23. Week Pregnancy at 2. or 3. Trimester

You can see red or pink staining on your underwear. But you don’t have to worry about it. Vaginal examination or sex can cause this. But we recommend you to share this problem with your doctor. But if happens with abdominal pain it means that can be an another problem. İt can be early separation of placenta or this can be placenta previa. You should call your doctor if you have pain with stainings.

How to Stop My Nose Bleeding?

High estrogen and progestorone level can cause the nose bleeding. It produces mucosa and this causes the nose problems. If you have this, you must take C vitam into your body. 

Your nose must be wet not dry.

If you use heater, hang a bottle of water them.

Use vapor machine.

İncline when it is bleeding. 

Tighten your nose when its bleeding, if its not stop try 3 times.

You can call doctor.

I Have High Blood Pressure, Why?

Hypertension is becomin at the pregnancy. Poisoning of pregnancy causes the high bloof pressure so you must know this.

Protein at urine

Problem at seeing


Gain weight

Swelling at hands or feet

Extreme heart beating

Pain on upper abdominal

Nutrition At 23. Weeks of Pregnancy, Pay Attention To Sodium

You have to be careful to take sodium to the body. Sodium leads to swelling. Staw away from the products which includes extreme sodium and salt. Keep this under control and read the tags. You can drink water instead of taking sodium.

Early Birth Risk: There is a Test

You can make a test to determine your early birth risk. In some case, symptoms can confused with birth. Doctors apply a test. Fetal fibronectin is a protein which is in amniotic fluid. In 22. And 38. Week, it has not in the vaginal secretion. If you have this, you can birth early. 

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