24. Weeks Of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

24. Weeks Of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 22. Week

You are living a miracle from 24 week. You have got an amazing gift when the 40 week ends. We know that you are wondering what is happening at 24. Week. Let’s talk about this. These are only information. You must always stay connect with your own doctor, it is quite important.

24 Weeks Of Pregnancy, Which Month that I am İn?

You are in the 6. month. This is the last mont of 2. trimester. You don’t have to be confused the movements on your belly. It is not gas it is a baby. You can feel your baby in this week easily. Yes you are end of your 2. trimester, but still there are many ways to go.

Baby’s Movements at 24. Week/ Developing

Your baby’s weight is between 540-675. Its height’s is nearly 21 cm. It gains 180 gram in a week. Its face look like a little baby even for now. We don’t know is it black, yellow or red. Cause there is no pigment on the body. It is white completely. If baby comes to birth it can live with %50 chance. It can be serious complications.

The Baby’s Movements at 24. Week

Many women say some days they can feel their babies, and some they don’t. We must know that, the babies are human. They have good days and the bad days. So they can move one they and they don’t another day. They behaive according to their mothers. When you had a calm day, your baby is going to be active and when you are active your baby is going to be calm.

After the meal you can see your baby is moving. They are active at 24-28 weeks but end of this week, they are always move. Sometimes the baby can kick strongly and it hurts you. 

Changes on Mother at 24. Week

Your womb is under your belly button 3.4 -5.1 cm now. You gain weight nearly 6-7.3 kilogram until to the 24. Week. Some women are complain about the nose bleeding at this week. The hormones cause this. Here are the some complaints that probably ou can live:

Vaginal Stream: Attention to the Colour!

May be you can see stream at this week. This stream can be white or clear. If the colour green or yellow it means that it can be an infection. You should give an information to your doctor cause it can be very dangerous. 

Breast Milk At 24. Week of Pregnancy

Your breast are ready for producing milk. It is so early but you can realise some drops on your breasts. It is normal. It has a huge anticors. 

Urinary İncontinence: Is it Pee or Amniotic Fluid?

When your baby grows the amniotic fluid is increasing and at the same time your womb is increasing. Begin of the pregnancy your womb is standing under your urine gland. But at the progressivve periods, the womb is on the urine gland. It pressure to the glands and it can leak. But it is hard to say is it pee or amniotic fluid. Cause at the 24. Week urine infection can be the biggest problem of the women. In the pregnancy you can live urine infection. But if you worry about is it infection or amniotic fluid you must talk your doctor. Cause both situation can be dangerous.

24 Weeks Pregnancy and Sex

In the first trimester mos women avoid from the sex. In the 2. trimester the desire are increasing. For some women, sex is not desired situation during the pregnancy. At the 24. Eeek of pregnancy man women can want to sex and may be they can live multiple orgasms. Cause there is much bllod in the pelvic and it will help you to reach orgasm. From the 16. Week, you can prefer another positions. The positions which you are on can be ideal.

Feeding At 24. Week of Pregnancy

You must some cooking ways at the pregnancy. You can prefer grill and steaming instead of frying. Instead of iced and packed food you must eat fresh vegetables and fruits. You should eat outside less. If you have to eat outside you must prefer healthy alternatives. 

Opening For Childbirth

The opening of womb can not be realised for woman. But it can determines from a doctor by using ultrasound. Your womb can provide you an painless opening. But sometimes, you feel the pain. After the 26. Week, may be you can give birth early. If you had this before, you must definitely share this with your doctor. 

Insomnia At 24. Week of Pregnancy

Insomnia is one of the symptoms about pregnancy. You can live this problem in 24. Week. But with some tips, you can deal with this.

Be active at days.

Try to be relax.

Don’t be hurry at dinner

Do not sleep after the dinner but don’t be hungry when your sleeping time.

Don’t get fluid after 18.00 at evening.

Don’t drink caffein after afternoon.

Sleep regularly go to bed at nigh the same time

Use the power of smells before sleeping

Use your bed only sex and sleeping

Keep away the electronic vehicles from your room

Take a warm shower and read some. 

Do exercises

Signs of Early Birth at 24. Week of Pregnancy

Wombs is preparing tiself to the birth from 22. Week with some contractions. They are painless. The complaint about womb contractions can be the feelings of squeezing groins. Sometimes the cracks, contractions or pains can be confused many women think these are signs of early birth. Fetal fybronectin test can determine this so you don’t have to be in stress. This protein exists in amniotic fluid. This protein has not exist a woman in 22-38 weeks. If you have this according to test results, than there can be an eraly birth risk. You shuld talk your doctor about this subject.

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