25. Week Of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

25. Week Of Pregnancy/ The Baby’s 23. Week

If you wonder hat is happening at 25. Week pregnancy, what are the changes and more, you can keep reading.

İt is really confusing that calculate of birth week. The mother is always 2 months on for a baby. Cause the baby is becoming after the sexual intercourse. Pregnancy is 3 trimester. 25. Week of pregnancy is 6. month of pregnancy. 

Baby Development at 25. Week at Pregnancy

Let’s begin with baby’s kilogram. Your baby is 700-750 gram and its height is 22 cm. Capillary are becoming in this week. Air sacs covered with capillaries will also form and begin preparations for the first breath. His/Her nose hole are open now. The vocal cords are working and it can hiccup now. 

Baby Shower

If you think to organize baby shower party, you must need a list and you can give this list to your friends. If you do this organization in a place, you can choose for yourself. There many places to do.

Baby’s Movement at 25. Week at Pregnancy

You may wonder what’s happening in the 25. Week of pregnancy. 24-28. Weeks are most active days of your babies. They move as they want. Bu the movements are not regularly so women can not feel it regularly. The movements will be regularly at 28-32 weeks.

Early Birth At 25. Week of Pregnancy

It has a chance for living if he/she births. With the medical vehicles, he/she can lives but no one wants to give birth at 25. Week surely. The baby is under 1 kgs and it is really small at this week. If he/she born, he/she will stay 3-4 month at hospital cause it has an infection risk.

Changes Mother at 25. Week of Pregnancy

Your womb is bigger now. You can see the belly if you look on the side. Your womb is nearly 25 cm and it is big as a ball. At the 6. month you can get half kilo in a week. End of the last week you can get 2 kilos. It is healthy to get 4-5 kilos in 2. trimester. Totally you can get 11-14 kilograms and it is normal.

Itching, Skin and Muscles Are Distending

Itching is very common in pregnancy. When the womb grows, itching are increased. Distend is the most important reason of this. The doctor can gives you some creams. You can use it.

Attention: Deal With Stress

Stress is quite effective on our lives. Stress causes many bad things about pregnancy so we have to deal with stress. Feed regularly and do exercise. 

Nutrition at 25. Week of Pregnancy

There are many things which has benefit to you. You can listen some recommends about the foods but it will be a best thing to ask your doctor about nutrition.

Vitamins and Minerals are İmportant

Pregnancy is increased body’s vitamin and mineral needs. It is very hard to provide enough vitamin and minerals for your body with eating, so doctor can give you reinforcement. So women need reinforcement

Young women

Weak women

The women who has multiple pregnancy

The women who smoke and take alcohol

The women who are struggle with digesting milk

Cronic sickness 

Alternative Foods

The tips can give you an idea. 

Compex carbonhydrated foods can help you and it gives you energy. Stay away from pastry.

Green and leafy vegetables can help you. Add them into your nutrition list.

Foods which has a high nutritive value can provide you vitamin and minerals. Kiwi provides you more C and E vitamines.

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