26. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 24. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

26. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 24. Week

As evey week you are wondering we know. We write many thing about you and your baby. You can start to the reading. You passed first half and you are at your 2. part of your pregnancy. 26. Week is in the 6. month.

Baby Development at 26. Week

In this week, your baby’s weight can be 910 gram or 1-kg. Its height from head to his/her butt is 23 cm. Its eyes are opening. There is no pigment at his/her eyes. So, its eyes colour don’t become yet. There are nothing to see in the womb but your baby can see at this week. If he/she sees brilliant light or if she/he hears any voices, you’ll feel the movemens. It has a regurlar type right now. 

Changes on Mother at 26. Week of Pregnancy

Time flies out. You are about to come to the end of your 2. trimester. There is no more time to meet your baby. Your womb is on your belly button nearly 6 cm and total growth is 26 cm. Until 26. Week you probably got 7.2-9.9 kilogram. Expert says gain 11-14 weight is normal at whole pregnancy. When your womb and placenta are growing, at the same time your kilogram will increase. You can be in a problem with feet pain, pubic pain and headache. If you rest in a day, you will feel better.

Nutrition at 26. Week of Pregnancy

Eating fish is really healthy, especially in the pregnancy. The women who eat fish in the pregnancy, they live healthy pregnancy, researches show that. Researches show the woman who eat sigh in the pregnany, she has less early birth risk than a woman who does not eat. Omega-3 can help you at this time. Fishes are not fat rich they have selenium, iron, zinc and B vitamin much. You must add the fish to your nutrition list. If you don’t eat the fish you can prefer flaxseed, soi bean, walnut and wheat.

Think These If You Want Healthy Pregnancy

It is not so early to talk about birth process. There are something to think aboout in these weeks. Here are the tips:

Get an information about pregnancy and be ready for the early birth.

Connect your doctor or dietician, get information from them and stay in connect with them always. They can give the correct information to you. Comly them’s suggestions.

You can get help the subjects about birth, husband’s-supports at birth and types of birth, it will help you.

Research This: Choosing the Hospital

You have many option for the giving birth, you can choose the hospital that which is your own doctor at work. Or you can choose another hospital on this process. Probably you got some suggestions from your friends or family until now. You must talk your partner and you must have a decision on it. If you have private health insurance, you can review to the options.

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