27. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 25. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

27. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 25. Week

Your second trimester is ending and you are through to the harder period with this week. There is no more time to the birth. You are going to meet your little baby soon. Let’s begin with ‘What’s happening at the 27 week of pregnancy?’

27. Week of pregnancy is in the 6. month. End of this week you are going to pass to the 3. trimester. 

Baby’s Development at 27. Week of Pregnancy

You can calculate your baby’s height to all. You don’t need to calculate your baby’s height from head to butt. Your baby is nearly 40 cm at this week. And she/he is over 1 kg. Your baby has more taste bud now, according to birth. It can react to you when it tastes to the foods. If you eat spicy foods, she/he can hiccup or kick you up. Its lungs and livers are not completed yet but it can live if she/she comes to the earth with %85 chance. 

Is It Normal That Its Movements are Getting Decreasing?

The movements can change every day. Most women worry about it. They wonder what is the normal rank about the ‘movement’. It is safety that if your baby active in this week but it is not abnormal if she/he calm. Babies are not moving all the time. When you are calm, you can feel that he/she moves and when your active he/she can stay calm. End of the pregnancy, it sleeps regularly and wakes up regularly. If you do not feel the movements a long time, you can talk your doctor. The most active time a baby is between 27-32. Weeks. It is big enough to kick or punch now.

Changes on Mother at 27. Week

Your womb is under your belly button nearly 7 cm and your totally growth is 27 cm. You can get half kilogram each week at this time. Most weights are placenta and amniotic fluid in these weeks. Your lungs are getting bigger cause your progestorone level is getting higher. You can be in a problem with taking breathe cause you breath fastly probably. It will help you to prefer ‘breath technics’. You can live heartburn and constipation at 27. Week. İt can be vaginal stream at these weeks. There is nothing to worry about. 

Nutrition at 27. Week of Pregnancy: A, B and E Vitamins are İmportant

A, B and E vitamins are most important vitamins that you must take at pregnancy. But you must talk with your doctor to determining the correct dose. Balance is important cause these can be dangerous if you take much or less. Let’s glance to these vitamins.

Vitamin A: It is basic matter for the human. It will help you to make your immune system stronger. You can eat carrot, green leafy vegetables, lettuce, milk, egg, spinach, peach and many of them. You can eat these products in the pregnancy period. Lack of vitamin A can leads to problems on the immune system. 

Vitamin B: B6, B9 and B12 vitamins are quite important at pregnancy. You can live Anemia if you don’t take these into your body. Dark rice, egg, milk, banana, potato can help you to take vitamin B into your body.

Vitamin E: It is important cause it leads important role to producing erythrocyte in the body. You probably take enough Vitamin E, if you eat red meat. Dry fruits, wheats, oil can help you. 

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