28. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 26. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

28. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 26. Week

Welcome to the 3. trimester. You’re passed two thirds of pregnancy. You are at the last quarter and you are going to meet your baby soon. We know you are wondering 28. Week of pregnancy. That’s why we talked about this. Start to the read.

The golden period of pregnancy (2. Period) ended. You are in the 3. trimester that may be you can live some problems about pregnancy. You are in the 7. week and there are 3 months in front of you. You have 12 weeks to meet your baby. 

28. Week of Pregnancy /Baby Status and Development

Baby’s height is nearly 35-40 cm at this week. Probably it is 110-1300 gram. Every baby has different height and weight at these weeks it is completely normal. The doctor can give information to you about development curve. Even though its brain is flat until this time but now with the 28. Week its brain has pits. It is getting fat and there are fat tissues at its body. It can blink and its eyes are open with this week. It can hiccup, cough and blink. It sleeps and wakes regularly up. It sleeps 20-30 minutes at every time. It can be ideal to follow your baby’s movement 2 times in a day. It is really hard to say your baby’s position in womb at this week, cause it moves all the time and you can feel it. The doctor can give the most trustable information to you. 

Changes on Mother at 28. Week of Pregnancy

Your womb is extremely 8 cm over on your belly button. It is 28 cm from pubic to peak. You can probably get 7.7- 10.8 kilogram until this week. Gain 11-14 kg is normal at totally pregnancy but it can change some circumstances about you. 

Complaints at 28. Week of Pregnancy

In this week you can peel pubic pain, back pain and shortness of breath. Hemorrhoid also is a common complaint at 28. Week of pregnancy. Some symptoms are:

Pubic Pain: Because of the womb’s expand and womb’s weight you can live pubic pains. Womb expands to between pubic pain and rib cage. That’s why you feel the pain. İt is normal but you can share with your doctor if you worry about this.

Bleeding at 28. Week of Pregnancy: It points out some problem about placenta. In the tear of placenta, placenta separates from the womb cage. In this case, separated placenta can be obstacle on the entrance of womb. This called placenta previa and it causes to the bleeding. Mostly, it can saw in the 3. trimester. You must connect with your doctor as soon as possible. It can be identified at the ultrasound.

Heartburn: Digestive system works slowly at this week. The womb pressures to the organs and it causes to heartburn.

Shortness of Breath: In this week your progestorone hormone maintains to work and it causes expanding of lungs. It makes you in shortness of breath. Doing exercises can help you at this week.

Nutrition at 28. Week of Pregnancy

You shall wonder what must you eat at this week. Your own doctor gives most correct information to you. A, B, C and E vitamins can help you but if you take much it can be dangerous. You need your doctor’s suggestion at this time. Here are the some tips:

You can eat greeny vegetables and fruits –1 portion

The vegetables and fruits which include Vitamin C – 2 portion

Grains- 4 portions

Proteins- 4 portions

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