29. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 27. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

29. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 27. Week

You are pregnant at 29 weeks and your baby is at the 27. Week. Now, you can feel each other’s and you can hear each other. What is happening at 29. Week of pregnancy?

Baby Development and Status at 29. Week of Pregnancy

29 weeks of pregnancy is in the 7. month of pregnancy. You are at the beginnings of the 3. trimester. It is getting complete. It has 37-43 cm height and its weight is nearly 1.25 kg-1.35 kg. These sizes are average and it can change for every baby. It is too close to the birth height but it needs to gain weight much. After the 11. week, its weight going to be 2x according to now. Its kicks are not going to be harmful cause its movement are will restrict. 

Changes on Mother at 29. Week of Pregnancy

From the belly button your womb size is 7.6-10.2 cm. From the pubic symphysis to the peak, your womb is 29 cm. It can grow 1 cm at one week. The mother’s weigh at 29. Week of pregnancy can be 8.55-11.25 kg. You can feel some changes at your hair from with this week. At pregnancy hair riches. After the birth, you can live pour. You can feel fake contraction at this week cause the womb is trying to be ready. You must analysis the real contractions and fake contractions. If you urinate mistakenly it will be normal cause your organs pressure to your urine gland. You can see swellings on your skin so you must rest at this week. 

Sleeping Position at 29. Weeks of Pregnancy

It is getting harder to sleeping, cause your baby is growing and it moves. Urination needing can separate your sleep. Sleeping li on or lie back are not good ways to sleeping anymore. Sleeping lie down can be the best way to feel relaxed at this week. You can lie down at 2 sides but experts suggest lie down on left side can be ideal for you. 

Nutrition at 29. Week

You must listen the body’s message to you. Eat and drink when you need. Feeling thirsty is an important signal. Eat often with the little portions. Grape, plum, dry fruits, nut, walnut can be the ideal goods for you. You can eat egg, yoghurt and milk at the same time. 

Sex at 29. Week

Your libido is getting decrease with the 3. trimester. This decreasing can be more several than the decreasing at 1. trimester. Pains can make your libido lower.  Although these, you can continue to sex until your birth contractions.

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