3 Best Potato Face Packs For Glowing And Smooth Skin

3 Best Potato Face Packs For Glowing And Smooth Skin

3 Best Potato Face Packs For Glowing And Smooth Skin, Use these simple masks to pamper your skin with the soothing goodness of this vegetable.

The potato is most people’s go-to food. You enjoy potatoes in any shape or form, whether they are fries, chips, or mashed potatoes. So we’re sure you’ll enjoy learning about potato face packs. Potatoes are high in vitamins C, B6, B1, and B3, as well as minerals like potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium, as well as dietary antioxidants that are good for your health and skin. It can assist you in achieving glowing and clear skin. But how can potatoes help your skin? How do you make potato face packs? In this article, we discussed the benefits of potato face packs as well as how to make five potato face packs. Continue reading!

The Advantages of a Potato Face Pack

The Advantages of a Potato Face Pack

It aids in the removal of unsightly spots, marks, and blemishes
Inflammation caused by bruises, rashes, and ulcers is reduced
Reduces puffy eyes
Delays the onset of aging symptoms
Antioxidants protect your skin from environmental damage caused by pollution and sun exposure.
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All of these advantages make the potato an essential component of your beauty regimen.

And here’s a secret: incorporating potato into your daily skin care routine is simple. You don’t need any fancy ingredients or to spend all day making these simple face packs. Continue reading to find out more.

Homemade Potato Face Packs For All Your Skin Issues

1. Potato Face Pack For Skin Whitening

You Will Require
3 tbsp of potato juice
2 teaspoons honey
Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Time allotted for treatment: 10-15 minutes

What You Must Do
Combine the potato juice and honey.
Blend it thoroughly and apply it to your face and neck.
Allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off.
How Often Should You Do This?
Do this on a daily basis for the best results.

Why Does This Work?
While honey moisturizes and softens your skin, potato juice is acidic and contains natural skin bleaching agents. These help to brighten and radiance your skin.

2. Face Mask With Potatoes and Lemons for Glowing Skin
You Will Require
2 tbsp. potato juice
2 tbsp. lemon juice
12 teaspoon of honey (optional)
Preparation Time: 2-5 minutes

15-minute treatment time

What You Must Do
Combine the potato and lemon juices in a mixing bowl. Mix in the honey until well combined.
Apply it to your entire face and neck.
Allow it to sit for 15 minutes.
Remove it with water.
How Often Should You Do This? Every other day.

Why Does This Work?
Lemon and potato have astringent properties that aid in the removal of excess oil, opening up clogged pores, and toning the skin. Honey also keeps your skin moisturized.


Dilute the lemon juice if you experience irritation.

3. Potato And Tomato Face Mask For Acne

You Will Require
1 tablespoon potato pulp or juice
1 tbsp tomato juice (or pulp)
1 teaspoon honey
Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

Time allotted for treatment: 15-20 minutes

What You Must Do
Combine the tomato and potato juices/pulps.
Mix in the honey until the mixture forms a smooth paste.
Apply it evenly to your face, paying special attention to the affected area.

How Often Should You Do This? Once a day until the acne is gone.

Why Does This Work?
Tomatoes and potatoes are high in antioxidants, which aid in the fight against free radicals and keep germs and bacteria at bay (5). (2). Their acidic properties also help to open up the clogged pores.

Because tomato juice is highly acidic, it may cause your skin to dry out. Add another tablespoon of honey to the face mask to prevent this.

Did You Know?
The alkaline properties of potato juice work as an antiseptic and can give your skin a youthful glow, while the acidic pulp can remove dead skin cells

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