30. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 28. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

30. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 28. Week

You leave 30 weeks behind. There are 10 weeks to meet your little baby. You are in the 30. Week and your baby is at the 28. Week. You are at the half of 7. month. Here are the things that you are wondering.

Baby Development at 30. Week and Baby’s Status

Your baby is nearly 1300 gram and it’s height is nearly 43 cm. But it can change for every pregnancy and every baby. Your baby can under these sizes or it can be over. 

Its Brain is Getting Growing

In this week, its brain is getting expand and developing. With this week, its brain is look like a ‘real brain’ with the pits. These pits are going to help to talk and reflex.

It Can Set the Temperature Up, Hairs Are Going

Lanugo is a lay who protect the baby. With this week, your baby is having more fat. With this fat lay, he/she get rid of its hairs. It means that, it has no hair when it born.

Start to Think: Your Birth Room

You can think it is so early.  But it is not because we know the pregnancy is being harder when times out. You can think your room from now. You can prefer some decorations at your room. There are so many places which works in this section.

The Baby’s Movements: How Can I Control My Baby’s Movements

You must follow your baby’s movements in this week. Maybe you can feel your baby’s hiccups it is normal. You must control your baby’s movements 2 times in a day after 30. Week. You can 10 movements in 10 minutes. This is the average. If you do not feel any movements get some food, walk and rest. Then it feels, controlling fetuse’s movements is really important. 

Changes on Mother at 30. Week

Your womb is on your belly button, nearly 10 cm. Total growth is nearly 30 cm. İt can be hard to believe there is 10 weeks still! Your baby continues to grow.

How Much You Gained?

You must gain 500 gr at one week at these weeks. It is ideal that gaining 11-14 kg at whole pregnancy. It can rise to 16 kgs. Through of the pregnancy, you can feel pressure on your body.

Bath at Pregnancy

Most women are wondering that is bath safety for women during pregnancy. Doctors think it is. But you must control the water’s temperature and you need to be careful.

True Position for Pains

The true position can help you to destroying pains. You can learn this position if you prefer pilates or yoga during the pregnancy.

Nutrition at 30. Week of Pregnancy

You must consume Omega-3. We talked about on the up, the baby’s brain is developing. You can support your baby to take omega-3 to your body. İt is important at 3. trimester period. Flaxseed, organic egg, chicken have omega 3

Can I Drink Herbal Tea?

Most of women wonder that can they eat herbal tea at pregnancy. You can drink but there is an important thing to ask your doctor on this subject. Plants have many benefits.

Daisy: İt can help you to sleep easily and it helps your digestive system

Dandelion: İt is good for the swellings.

Ginger: İt is good for the nausea and nose problems.

Stinging nettle: It includes iron and calcium.

Mint: It is good for the stomach.

Do You Need the Babysitter?

You must research to babysitters if you want after the birth. It is important that how the babysitter experienced on this subject. You must be careful.

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