31. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 29. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

31. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 29. Week

You are about to complete 31. Week of pregnancy. You are end of the last month of the 3. trimester. Heartburns, streams, psychological changes make you nervous this week we know, let’s talk about what is happening in this week? You are about to complete your 7. month.

Baby’s Development at 31. Week of Pregnancy

Your baby is going to gain 1200 or 2300 gram more but even for now, it is big enough. It is 1500-1600 gr right now and it reaches 40-45 cm. You must know that every pregnancy is special and different from each other. In this week:

The reproductive system is still developing. If he is a boy, testes are moving to the glands and is it is a girl, her clitoris will be evident.

Its lungs are still developing and it is not completed yet. If it comes to earth in this week, it will probably stay in the incubator more than 6 weeks.  

Bleeding risk in the brain is less now cause its brain are developing.

It is smart and sleepy now, you can feel that when its sleeping and when it is awake.

Did You Ever Think To Keep Your Baby’s Cord Blood?

Your cord blood is important for baby so much and it is valuable. You must keep your cordon blood, cause it can help you on the future. 

Baby’s Movements at 31 Week of Pregnancy

Mothers can know their baby’s movements. They can realize the changes of the movements. End of the pregnancy, the baby is big and that’s why they can’t move much. You can realize that the baby has a routine, you must follow your baby one time in 1-3 hours. If the baby does not move, it might means that there’s a problem about the baby or the placenta.

Changes On Mother

Your totally growth is 31 cm if we calculate from the pelvis. There is 12 cm up from your belly button. In the 12. Week your womb is covered the pelvis but not, it covers your whole abdominal. In this period, the total gaining can be 9.45-12.45 kilogram. From now, the gains make birth harder, you have to be careful at this point. You should sleep lie down. 

My Feet Are Swelling!

End of the pregnancy, you can realize that your feet are swelling. You can’t wear your shoes after wear your shoes off. It is about swollen problem. You must not prefer tightly clothes. Your blood produces more blood in the pregnancy and some fluids are absorbing by the body It causes to the swelling. Stretch your feet flat. 

Are You Going Doctor Regularly?

It is important that to go doctor regularly in pregnancy. The examination provides to learn everything about the pregnancy. So, you must not neglect to the examinations. Doctor controls you at the examination and it effect you and your baby.

Mutual Pregnancy: Twins at 31. Week

In the mutual pregnancies, most women give birth early. When the baby’s increase, each of baby’s weights and heights are decreasing. For the twins, the average of pregnancy weeks is 37. Week. For triples this process is 35 weeks. In the mutual pregnancies, the way of avoid from early birth, you must continue to pregnancy. You can provide this with rests. Some medicals can help you at this point. 

Nutrition at 31. Week of Pregnancy

You must be careful at this time. Salmonella is a virus which is can be so dangerous for women and baby. It exists at the poultry. İt destroys when it cooks but you must be careful. Here are some tips:

You must cook enough to poultry

Do not eat the food which includes raw egg.

Do not taste anything which includes egg

Boil eggs at least 7 minutes

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