32. Week of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

32. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 30. Week

We wrote about pregnancy for you. Here are the everything about pregnancy. 32 weeks at pregnancy is in the 8. month of pregnancy. You are on the way from 32. Week and your baby is in the 30. Week. The birth is soon.

Baby’s Development at 32. Week of Pregnancy

We know that you are wondering your baby’s sizes. In this week, your baby’s height is going to be 42-48 cm and its weight is going to be 1814 gr. No women want to give birth in these weeks, but it makes you relaxed that it can lives if he/she comes to earth early. It is working, it tries to breath, hiccup and sucks, we can say that it prepares itself to the earth. It is not clear right now cause it has a fat tissues. Its hairs are dropping. 

Baby’s Movements at 32. Week of Pregnancy

In this week, the baby’s movements are getting decrease cause your baby is big enough. You can realize that you don’t feel the kicks or little punch. Baby has no place to go so it can’t move. You want to check your baby’s movement at this week. Be relax and sit down. Then you can check your baby’s movements.

Changes on Mother at 32. Week of Pregnancy

Your total growth is 32 cm and your womb is 12 cm over from your belly button. Until now, your examinations of one time in a month. From 32. Week your doctor probably calls you 2 times in a month. Ending of the 32. Week, you must talk about the thing that you re worried about, talk with your doctor. Doctors and nurses will reply your questions easily. Do not worry about it. 

What Would a Woman Feels?

Fetuses movements

İmpatience for birth


Heartburn and stomach problems

Cramps at feet

Pain at back

Varicose vessels

Cracks at body

Braxton hick contractions

Difficult sleep

Womb’s expands


Vaginal stream

You must be careful at taking your vitamins and minerals into the body. İron is the basic need for you and your baby. If you have Anemia at pregnancy, it will be bad for you and your baby too. You must your vitamins and minerals regularly as doctor’s suggestion. 

What are the Braxton Hicks Contractions?

You can feel your womb is getting hard. Your womb is preparing to the birth and it prepares itself. Fake contractions are called ‘Braxton Hicks contractions’. These are the contractions, most women live this. It is getting several. It is spreading ahead from womb to the all body.

Some Tests About Pregnancy Which are Applying at 32. Week?

Fetal Non-Stress: It is basic test. There is no operation with this test. It controls baby’s heart beats.

Biophysic test: This scan the baby’s health; examines heart rate, respiratory movements, bodily movements, muscle elasticity, amniotic fluid. 

How Must I Feed If I Wait to Twins?

It is important that feeding natural and balanced. You must take vitamins to your body. If you are waiting twins, your total gaining can be 22.5. Your needs (calorie, calcium ect) are increasing if you are waiting twins. You must not add extra calorie at your nutrition list. You can get help from a dietician.

Pregnancy Report

32. Week is the legal leaving time for women who is working. You have 8 weeks legally if you are worked mom. If you want to work more, you can leave to permission at 37. Week. 

Baby’s Basic Thing

You can start to buy something for your baby. The stroller, baby clothes are can be the one of them. You don’t need to be in hurry but if you can buy them, you won’t be in hurry at the birth. Be sure that you buy the need list. 

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