33. Week of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

33. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 31. Week

We wrote everything about 33. Week of pregnancy. You can read. Welcome to the your 33. Week of pregnancy. You are in the 8. month.

33 Week of Pregnancy and Baby Development

Your baby is gain weight as fast as you. In the 33. Week your baby is 2000 gram. It gains 225 gram in a week. Your belly is full of amniotic fluid at this week. Baby can’t move it explains why baby kicks. Some antibodies are passing from you to baby. Its lungs are completed.

Baby’s Movements at 33. Week of Pregnancy

At the 28-33. Weeks, the baby is not active anymore. It behaves like itself. You can understand that when it is rest and when it is active. If you worry about your baby, you can call your doctor. 

Some Complaints

Reduction of Amniotic Fluid: This is a problem that can see in the pregnancy. There are so much fluid in the tummy. İf it decreasing your doctor want to intervention it. You must get rest. 

Too Much Fluid: There can be much fluid which covered the amniotic fluid. This is not a big problem you don’t need worry about it. The fluid absorbed from the body. 

Placenta’s Early Separation

There can be more dangerous for woman and the baby. If the measure is taken, there is no problem. The case of premature separation of the placenta from the uterus is called.

Changes on Mother at 33. Week of Pregnancy

Your womb is on your belly button nearly 13 cm. If we calculate from the pubic, your totally growth is 33 cm. You may get 9.9-12.6 kg. The baby is gaining 225 gr in a week at these weeks. In this week, you must eat much but you must eat with the little portions.

How Can I Understand The Rupture?

The amniotic fluid is mobile, you can feel it on your feet or clothes. Many women can understand that the birth’s starting. The amniotic fluid is clear. But you can see blood sometimes with the fluid. Stay contact with your doctor cause the rupture can be dangerous. 

Vagina Pain: The ‘opening’ can starts at this week. Every woman live this process different. You can feel the pain just like stabbed. But this is not meaning the birth starts. It has no danger. If you worry about it you can call your doctor. You can feel contractions at this week and they are fake mostly.

Pubic Pain: Many women live this. Many women live several and many women don’t feel this. It is not abnormal. You can wear surgical stocking to avoid this and you can go to doctor as soon as possible.

Bleeding: A bleeding can be sign of a problem. You must be careful. You can live problem about placenta. You must call the doctor and get information to him/her if you live this. 

Sex at 33. Week at Pregnancy

Many women wonder that having sex is safety at pregnancy. Experts says it is safety if your doctor suggests it. If your pregnancy is healthy you can have sex with your partner. Researches shows couples are not live problem at this subject. If you have early birth risk than you must avoid to the sex. Stay contact with your doctor.

Nutrition at 33. Week of Pregnancy

You must stay away from the packed food, the foods which include carbonhydrate and fatty foods. You must be careful when eating outside. You must stay away from the drinks who include acid and do not take overdose caffeine or tea Here is the list that you can benefit:


2 Eggs

1 glass of milk

1 cup of yoghurt

Outmeal 4 glass

1 apple

1 banana

1 spoon cinnamon

Dry fruits (If you want)


Mix the materials and add yoghurt and milk into the mixture

Add them into the blender

Mix the dry mixture with the outmeal and add egg

Put wax paper at the tray.

Bake it

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