34. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 32. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

34. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 32. Week

You are counting the days, we know. You are waiting your baby with an amazing love and you live the pain. There is everything about 34. Week of pregnancy.

Baby’s Status at 34. Week of Pregnancy

Your baby’s height can be 44-50 cm at this week. And it is nearly 2200 gram. Its nails are done and if it is a boy the testes are moving to the glands. The vernic layer are getting to be thick at this week. The baby’s hairs are gone.

Changes on Mother at 34. Week of Pregnancy

Your womb is 14 cm over of your belly button and prom pelvic to peak it is totally 34 cm. These sizes are average sizes. 34. Week of pregnancy is in the 8. month of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy Signs at 34. Week of Pregnancy

Heartburn: Your womb is getting bigger and it pressure to the organs. İt makes you feel heartburn. If the baby moves to the pelvis in this week, another problem like constipation can destroy. Alleviation is the important process of pregnancy but every woman has not lives this.

Vaginal Stream at 34. Week of pregnancy: Many women lives this in the pregnancy. This stream is mostly clear and it can be green or yellow sometimes. The hormones cause this problem. If you have pain, bleeding or itching with stream, you must talk to your doctor.

Abdominal Pain: The abdominal pain can be the sign of any problem about pregnancy.  If you feel several pain, you should not waste your time and call your own doctor.

Fake Contractions:

Ask your doctor, how is the fake contraction. She/he is going to tell you the differencies between fake and real contractions. Fake contractions probably come before reals. They can be painful and it is temporarly. It does not take much time. In the real contractions, the pain is much several and pain spread ahead to all body.

Nutrition at 34 Weeks Pregnancy

Measuring your cholesterol level while pregnant is a waste of time and effort. Because of the changes in hormones in the blood cholesterol level increases. It can be expected until the baby is born or until breastfeeding ends. You must eat the foods which include Vitamin A. Potato is an amazing food. You must not fry potato. Broccoli, carrot and asparagus can help you to get vitamin into your body.

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