35. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 33. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

35. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 33. Week

We wrote many things for you about pregnancy. What’s happening at 35. Week of pregnancy and what is the complaints? Start to read. You are at the end of the 8. week month with this week. There is nearly 5 week to meet your baby.

Baby’s Development at 35. Week of Pregnancy

Your womb is getting expand. This increase’s reason is the baby’s growth and because of the amniotic fluid. Baby’s weight is nearly 2.5 kg and its height is nearly 45-50 cm. Brain cells are increasing. The baby is turning to the womb entrance. The baby’s head can be big but it is soft. İt can help you to give birth easily. Your baby is big, so there is no place to move because it can be hard to kick for it.

Changes on Mother at 35. Week of Pregnancy

You must be gained nearly 10.8-13 kg until now. You have to be careful on your nutrition. Your body still needs to more vitamin or mineral you must take this. Definitely you must ask your doctor on this subject. Your baby is trying to be ready for the birth. So you can feel the movement to the vagina. This causes many problems. They can be:

Bleeding: Bleeding at this week can be mark of a problem. Placenta previa can one of the problems of these problems. The bleed is can be sign of placenta previa. If you have bleed without pain, you probably have placenta previa, you suggest you to ask your doctor.

Vaginal Discharge: This complaint is living by most pregnant women. It causes from the hormones and mostly it is clear. If you have erythema and itching with this stream, you should go to your doctor.

Breath Problems: You can feel just like that you don’t get breathe, this reason can be the pressure. Your womb pressures to your diaphgram and it feels like you can’t breathe. 

Urination: Your baby is moving to your pelvis at these weeks. It causes to urination. Ends of the pregnancy, you would to go toilet a few time at nights.

Vagina Pain: The vagina pain can be a sign of ‘opening’. But it does not mean %100. The womb can pressure to the vagina and it causes to pain. If you worry about it, you can talk this to your doctor.

Contractions: This week, many women can live contractions. Many do not live this. You have to be careful how often you feel the contractions, give information to your doctor about it.

Hemorrhoid: This is a really annoying problem. The womb pressure can be sweelings on the vessels. It causes to hemorrhoid. Avoid from to get constipation.

Numbness at Hands: Swollen tissues pressure to the neuron. It causes numbness on the lady. May be you can live carpal tunnel syndrome. That’s why you must give an information to your doctor.

Breathe Exercises

There are some breath exercises for adapting some changes. They have many benefits. These are can be:

It will help you to heartburn and constipation.

It can help your digestive system.

It helps to blood circulation

Psychological Changes to End of the Pregnancy

You feel some fluctuations through to pregnancy. You feel in anger, more worried, more excited and more touchy. You are wondering that are you going to be a good mother and many things about it. These feelings are completely normal. Don’t feel yourself alone and share these feelings to your friends, husband or your doctor. You are not alone and you can solve this problem.

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