36. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 34. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

36. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 34. Week

Congratulations! You are at the 9. month of your pregnancy. You are 4-5 week to give birth. That is awesome! Well, what is happening at this week? We tried to reply it for you. Keep reading.

Baby’s Development at 36. Week of Pregnancy

Baby’s sizes are wondering by women at this week. It is nearly 2.5 kg at this week and the baby’s height can be 46-51 cm. Baby’s system are completed with this week. We talked about placenta all the time but when he/she sucks its first milk, the digestive system is starting to work. It continues to store fat into the body. 

Baby’s Position, How My Baby is Standing?

You can feel from 34. Week your baby is under your belly. Calcium is stored on its head and this can give you another feeling. The doctor can feel your baby’s position at the examination via touching. At the 34-36 weeks, the baby completed its position. If it stands reverse, it might not be turned. 

The Newborn’s Photos

You are going to meet your baby soon. You are going to see how calm it is and how sleepy. These are the best times to get photos of your little baby. You can get help from the experienced photographer if you want to get  amazing memories. 

Baby’s Movements: Did My Baby’s Movements Decrease?

You can worry about that strong kicks are gone. Your baby is counting to days for coming to the earth. There are many places to move in the womb but now the baby is big and it moves a little bit. When it comes to the entrance, it will not move. If you feel some movements about your baby, you can call your doctor. 

Changes on Mother at 36. Week

Your womb is on your belly button nearly 14 cm and totally 36 cm. You can feel that there is no place in your belly. Probably your womb is under your rib with this week. There is 4 or 5 weeks to give birth. You must get 11.25-13.5 kgs until this week. There is amniotic fluid covers your baby. Baby is going to grow up end of the birth, but amniotic fluid can absorbed by body and that’s why you probably feel can not understand the baby’s movements.

Nutrition at 36. Week of Pregnancy

You are about to birth, we know that you are bored about be careful to eating. Don’t give up eating healthy at this week. You must be careful the foods which you eat even you live heartburns or another problem. You must continue to eat a green leafy food and Vitamin C. Get sleep enough and drink much water. 

Its Time to Researching Pediater

It is time to find pediater for giving birth. You must be so careful at now. Find your pediater according to experience, hospital, and behaiving to patient.

Hospital Bag

You must prepare your hospital bag before 2-3 week of birth. Do a need list and do shopping for your baby. There is no need much cause most hospital give baby’s first needs to it.

The Room

It is important that choosing a good room for birth. You can take some ornament for your room. There is so much store can provide this to you.

Exercises For Birth

Yoga can be best exercises for preparing yourself to birth. It makes you ready to the birth physically and mentally.

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