37. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 35. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

37. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 35. Week

If you give birth at this week, this is won’t be early birth. The birth can be 37-41 weeks in. You have to be ready for this. Everything about this week

The Baby Development

Baby’s Weight: It is nearly 2.95 kgs and it is nearly 47-51 cm. Ts completed its week if he/she borns. It can pull the fluid into its lung and it drains it.

Baby’s Position: It still is developing. %97 of pregnancy the baby’s head is in the entrance. The doctor can examine this and he/she decides

Baby’s Movements: Some of babies are active in this week but mostly are waiting for the birth. End of the pregnancy, the movements are decreasing cause in these weeks, there are no place to go. Amniotic fluid is everywhere. That’s why baby is waiting.

Some Changes on Mother 

If you wonder which month you are in, we remind that you are in the 9. month. You are at the last weeks to the birth. The baby can come to the world and it is not early birth. The womb can same size with 2 weeks before. The totally growth from pubic is nearly 37 cm and the size from belly button is 16-17 cm. You gain 11-13 kg until this week.

Pregnancy Signs at 37. Weeks

The symptoms are changing woman to another woman. They can be:

Pain at hips and pelvis

Relaxation at breathing


Pain at back and shoulders

Fake contractions

Sensitive gums

Colostrum fluid from the nipples




Bleeding at 37. Week’s Pregnancy

Mild bleeding is not a birth sign. You can see this after sex or vaginal examination. But if you have this especially with the another signs you must call your doctor. 

Doctor Check Up at 37. Week of Pregnancy

The doctor can do pelvic examination at 37. Week. This helps to determine pregnancy’s status. The quantitiy of amniotic fluid is really important at this time. The entrance controlled by the doctor. The cervics is thick at the first but in the active birth it is getting thinner. The position of the baby is examinated at this time. Think that your body is a tube and the baby is moving to the this tube for coming to the earth. Sometimes the baby can not move and that’s why many women choose C-section. Mutual pregnancy can make the birth harder. Most of women think the vaginal birth but it can’t be possible every time. In the vaginal birth, healing takes less time.

Birth Process at 37. Week of Pregnancy

The baby can born at 37-42. Weeks. It is the normal process. The birth can materialize when the entrance being 10 cm. In the first pregnancy the womb open only 1 cm at 1-1.5 hour. It takes 10 hours to birth so you don’t need to worry about it. The womb’s entrance is getting flex when the baby comes. You can feel fake contractions and cramps sometimes but these aren’t real contractions

Step One: The first step of birth is starting with the opening. The womb is opening that is the first step.

Step 2: The birth is starting when the womb’s entrance get 10 cm. This step ends with the birth

Step 3: İt starts after the baby’s birth. It ends with the placenta and membranes

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