38. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 36. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

38. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 36. Week

We know that tou are wondering what is happening at 38. Week of pregnancy. We wrote for you. Keep reading.

Baby’s Development at 38. Week

Your baby’s weight is nearly 3.1 kgs and its height is nearly 47-50 cm. You can see that how it lives if he/she born today. It is not small anymore. Its all systems are completed. It is trying to destroy its vernics and lanugo hairs. It is trying to breath.

Baby’s Movement at 38. Week

It is normal to decreasing of the baby’s movement at ends of the pregnancy. It is trying go get energy for coming to the earth. But its movement must be balanced. You can control your baby’s movement. Lie down your left side and count your baby’s movement. If he/she moves less than 4 times in one hour, it can be any problem. 

Changes on Mother at 38. Week

Your weight is not going to change anymore. In this week many women don’t get gain much, they feel yoursef badly. In this week, some women lose weight even this week. At the birth time, you probably get 12-17 kilogram. But the ideal is 11-14 kgs.

The distance from the womb and pubic is nearly 36-38 cm. The womb from your belly button is nearly 16-18 cm.

Pregnancy Signs at 38. Week

Your breasts are ready for the breast feeding. You can see the breast milk on your nipples. May be you can still live the shortness of breath. It is normal, cause the baby is under your ribs and it causes to the pressure. The stains on your skin is getting darker and bigger. You can live varicosis. You can feel the feet and hips pain. 

Emotional Status

We know that you are bored of being pregnancy. Probably you miss the sleeping regularly. May be you really feel annoying when you pree, if you cough or laugh. These are your last weeks.  Do a list for your baby. What are you both going to do when it comes to the world? 

Nutrition at 38. Week of Pregnancy

This can be a period that you don’t want to eat much. You can eat little snacks for feeling good.

Dru fruits help to easing your hunger. It provides you magnesium and potasium.

You can drink milk or you can eat cheese and yoghurt if it is not salty.

You can prefer leafy foods like bean.

You can eat fruit salads

Birth Signs at 38. Week of Pregnancy: Isn’t İt Early?

It is not too early to give birth at 38. Week. You can prefer birth at this week. Before %15 of pregnancy the fluids come before contractions. This can be just like discharging or leak. 

If the contractions don’t get easier when you move

If the contractions are regularly and it takes 30-70 seconds.

If you feel the pressure under your belly

If you see the bleed which is pink or fresh red

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