39. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 37. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

39. Week of Pregnancy /Baby’s 37. Week

You are about to give birth. We write many thing about pregnancy. You can keep the reading.

Baby’s Status at 39. Week of Pregnancy

There are no much things to say actually. In the 39. Week at pregnancy, your baby’s weight is 300-3600 gram and its height is 48-53 cm. Your baby is can be over these sizes or he/she can be under these sizes. The growth is slowly now but it is still developing. Its pink skin is turning to white. 

You probably realize that the head is at pelvic righ now. It leads to walking slowly.

The hairs are gone mostly but you can see them when it comes to the earth.

Its biggest place is its head. 

Baby’s Movements at 39. Week

It is really hard to feel baby’s movement at this week cause there is no place to move. It can’t kick and it cant punch at this week. Although this, if she/he does not move any or if she/he moves much, you can call your doctor. 

Changes on Mother at 39. Week

We think that you are wondering which month 39. Week in. You are in the 9. month and there is less time to birth.

It is possible that you can feel yourself like giant. There is no place to grow and you are big enough. Your womb is under your ribs at this week and it is not going to bigger. 

You probably don’t walk good. You can walk by knock-kneed.

In this week, you are going to the examination 3 or 4 time so you must separate to the examinations. Do shopping when the baby is inside. It will help you to feel better. 

In this week, you think that you don’t want baby on the future it is normal cause you are about to finish an amazing process. We recommend you take him/her between your arms, your desicions change.

You can feel sad than after a minute happy. This emotioanl changes are normal in this week. Feel better, you are going to meet your little human.

Birth Signs at 39. Week of Pregnancy

The signs are wondering from many women. We write these process for you.

1- Womb’s opening and soften: Womb entrance is 2.5-3 cm normally. But end of the pregnancy it is getting thinner. If this %100 thinner, it means that you are in labour. 

2- Opening: The doctor can say you your womb is opening. It express as ‘cm’. It is opening until the 10 cm. When the opening becomes 10 cm, birth comes true. 

3- The Fluid: The fluid comes and this is the main sign of pregnancy, it won’t stream like the films so do not worry about it. These are little leaks. 

4- Contractions: The womb is starting to contract begin of the birth. This contractions lead to baby’s movement. 

How Can I Understand that Is it Real or Fake Contractions?

Frequency of contractions are the most important thing to understand is it real or fake. Take a watch at your hand and follow your contractions up. Real contractions have routine but fake contractions have not. The lengt of contractions is also important. The real contraction takes 30 seconds mostly and it is increasing 75 second finally.

Sex at 39. Week of Pregnancy

When birth comes, the libido is getting decreased. You are big enough and it is really hard to being together in this week. This is an another reason to focusing birth completely. There are many couple to continue sex even in this week. 

Your Hospital Bag

You must be ready with your bag in this week cause any time you can give birth. There are something to put your bag in. These are:

A watch for calculating your contractions.

Slippers, socks


Lip balm



Breast feeding bra, 


Make up products, cleaning products

Calm clothes for backing home

Baby’s clothes 

Car seat for the baby

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