4. Weeks Fetus Development
Pregnancy Week by Week

4. Weeks Fetus Development 4. Weeks of Pregnancy /2. Weeks of Fetus

Probably you will get to see your period last of this week. When you miss, you will think of pregnancy first. If you are in 4. weeks it means that your fetus is in its 2. week. Well, what is happening at 4.week of pregnancy?

What is the Status of the Baby Which is in the Womb at 4. Week?

Let’s start with 4. week pregnancy. We will call it baby soon, but for now it is just a fetus. The cell is in the womb now. İt is trying to put itself to place where it easily growing up. After being held firmly in place, the cell ball will be divided into two groups by a large division. Half of these cells will be the half of the tiny baby (as long as it stays in the womb) its placenta. We know you are wondering how it is 4. weeks of baby. İt is not a baby yet. İt is smaller than a poppy. In this period, amnion (water) sac and food sac are formed. Each layer of the embryo consisting of 3 layers begins to form special parts of the body.

İn this week;

A structure which is known endorderm going to create baby’s digestice system, liver and lungs.

The middle layer is mesoderm, it is going to create baby’s heart, sexual organs, bones, kidneys and muscles.

The outer layer called ectoderm will form the nervous system, hair, skin and eyes.

What is The Difference On Mother At 4. Week?

Does the abdomen swell in 4 weeks of pregnancy? If you’re wondering, no, it won’t! It is not clear at this time that you are pregnant. Because you haven’t gained weight yet and your appearance hasn’t changed. If we consider that there is only a tiny poppy seed inside, we cannot wait for her belly to swell. Fatigue, nausea saliva increase, oral taste in the mouth, frequent urination, groin and abdominal pain, mild bleeding or spotting, such as early signs of pregnancy can be counted among the 4-week pregnancy complaints.

Heart and circulatory system: The body will begin to produce more blood immediately to carry oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Your heart going to beat more than 15 times, and your pulse the same. These are the changes why you feel tired and you want to go bed early at nights.

Breasts: Most important physical changes can see at breasts. Your boobs makes you feel painful and you can feel sensitivity. You can feel they are heavy than normal. That’s why your estrogen and progestorone are getting increased.

Womb: You won’t be surprised that your womb changes. The wall of cell is getting ticker and it develops for feed the baby.

The entrance of womb: The entrance of womb is getting sofly.

Feelings: You have to know you feel confused. Pregnancy can be exciting, boring, satisfying, full of love, but worrying. In fact, sometimes all emotions live at the same time. Some of you can experience a completely different and new feeling that makes some people feel uncomfortable. Don’t make yourself sad.

İs There Any Nusea At 4. Week?

Many women wonder that is there nusea at 4. week of pregnancy, let’s answer this. YES, or NOT.

I Have Nusea at 4. Week: Welcome to the vomiting Club sweetheart! %75 of women are include this club. Don’t worry, it is very common.

Why the reason of nusea? Well, There is no clear information on this subject, but the estimates are quite abundant. Estimates include the high levels of pregnancy hormone hCG in blood, high estrogen level, reflux, relaxation of muscle tissue in the digestive system, sharpening the sense of smell of pregnant women.

I Have no Nusea at 4. Week: Research shows that approximately 25% of the mothers do not experience nausea and vomiting. And if you’re 25% who don’t get sick or just gently swabs, you should say, not only pregnant but also lucky.

What About hcG At 4. Week of Pregnancy?

What is the hcG? Let;’s start with this. Probably you got meet the hcG value while you apply home pregnancy test. hCG is the value that makes sure that it is pregnant in urine and blood. Human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. The fertilized egg is produced by the cells of the developing placenta within a few days after its placement in the uterine wall.

Every 48 hours hcG value getting increaed and it became 2x. Do not compare yourself your hcG value to other pregnant women, cause this value is different for every woman. Values are not the same. The range for the hCG value at 4 weeks of gestation is 50 to 426 (mIU / L). Any value in this wide range is normal. Don’t let it scare you if it’s low or high. You can share your mind with your doctor.

Things to Pay Attention at 4. Week

İn this week, you can wondering are you pregnant or not. Or if you are sure with your pregnant your baby, you can wonder some questions about the pregnancy.

İs Smoking Dangerous At Pregnancy?

How smoking is dangerous before pregnancy, it is also dangerous at pregnancy. Because as the cigarette smoke passes through the placenta and reaches the baby, the baby smokes as you smoke. Research has shown that in such a case, a baby is exposed to more nicotine than a mother. This may lead to the continuation of nicotine intake after the birth of the baby. You don’t let anyone smokes, by near you. It can effect you and your baby.

Changing Hair Colour is Dangerous At Pregnancy?

It can be dangerous changing your hair colour at pregnancy. Especially base of your hair changing more dangerous. Some experts says it is dangerous and some says it is not. But even the smallest risk shows that it is more sensible to make a noise instead of a dip paint during pregnancy. Because it is applied to the ends of the hair, it does not come into contact with the scalp and takes longer to use.

4 Weeks of Pregnancy and Nutrition

How to be 4 weeks of pregnant women feeding? If you are research for this, it means that you are going to be in conscious at whole pregnancy. You have to be ready to gain weight at pregnancy, cause it is neutral. İt is a need for you and your baby. But we don’t mean to get weight with uncontrol. You can gain weight under by control and balanced.

You can get weight slowly. You can eat for two people but you don’t have to eat 2 portion for this. So, you must deal with people who said you ‘Eat!’ You must eat mostly vegetables and fruits, it is quite important. You have to stay away the foods, which are packed and which has extreme calories

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