6. Week of Pregnancy/ 4. Week of Fetus
Pregnancy Week by Week

6. Week of Pregnancy/ 4. Week of Fetus

6. week of pregnancy includes of first trimester’s 2. month. When you are at 6. week of your pregnancy, your baby is at 4. week. İt means that you are 2 week on from the baby. Well, what is happening at 6. week of pregnancy?

What is the Baby’s Status at 6. Week?

In the 6th week of pregnancy, when looking at the baby’s condition, the length of the head to the butt is examined. Because the newly formed legs are twisted, the exact length is difficult to measure. In this week, baby is approximately 2 to 4 mm. End of the 6. week, the heigth is baby will up to 3x time.

At 6. Week

Jaw bones, chin and cheeks are beginning to develop.

Small recesses on both sides of the head will form the ear canals.

The face line are the beginning step at this point.

The baby’s eyes going to created.

The small bulge in front of the head will form its little nose in a few weeks.

The brain is becomes and it is growing up

Can I Hear My Bab’s Heart Beating?

Yes, you can. The baby’s heart beats 80 time in a minute. But when you heard this, your heart going to beats more! In fact, if you cannot fully believe that a young human has ever grown in it, you will be sure of the moment you hear your heartbeat and you will have the first emotional connection with it.

What is the Difference On Mother at 6. Week?

You must gain weight at his time. But if you have vomiting or if you don’t feed enough, you would lose gain. If this is your first pregnancy, there can’t be any difference on your tummy. You can gain weight from your breasts or legs.

What is the 6. Week Pregnancy Symptoms?

Hormones which are secret at pregnancy have 2 functions. They influence the development of the baby as well as the way your organs function. So, they have big role about pregnancy compliments. Vomiting, stomach burn, constipation, numbness most common symptoms about pregnancy. Hormones are chemical messengers that regulate and determine pregnancy in many respects, and it will be the most intense month of 2nd month hormones in which the sixth week is included. So let’s love and protect our hormones.

Vomiting: Vomiting is very common symptoms which are seeing in 6. week pregnancy. They are likely common for first trimester. Compliments are becoming between 5-8. Weeks and they are increasing. It is expected to be alleviated at the 14th week.

Heartburn and indigestion: Heartburn is prevalent symptom which is seeing at pregnancy. It begins early of the pregnancy and it goes on until the end of the pregnancy. It is usually caused by acid escaping from the stomach to the esophagus. In fact, this is one of the most basic conditions of reflux disease. If you are a patient with reflux before pregnancy, this will not be something new for you.

What İs Going to Happen The First Date With My Doctor?

Examination before birth can be most important examination you’ve ever had. If you date with doctor before, you will probably talk about many subject. Clarify that, which time in a day you can connect with your doctor, cause it is quite important. Other important thing is sharing your feelings, symptoms and compliment to your doctor. Well, what is your doctor want to know in first examination?

Your doctor wants to listen your history about your health and gynecology. İt is because to determine any problem which can be interrupt for birth.

She/He will ask you your periods and the medicines that you take it.

She/He will ask you birth control methods.

You must give an information about your births, your abortions, your surgeries and many things..

İf you have diabetes, he/she will want to know this.

You can give urine sample because determine any infection.

Analysis can be done to determine the blood group, information about vaccines can be obtained.

How To Feed On 6. Week?

You must be selective to get the foods you need during pregnancy, you should eat the right quantities of the right foods and you should make a good planning for this. The week of pregnancy should be a week when you begin to slowly establish your nutritional principles. You should eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, especially iron, calcium, magnesium, folic acid, and zinc.

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