6 Work İdea For Women

6 Work İdea For Women

6 Work İdea For Women: Do you want to get success on your job? The most important thing to get this, having a good work idea.  If you notices, we did not say ‘fantastic’, we say ‘good work idea’.  We prefer investing have a great team for a good job with a good plan instead of bad team and bad plan with an amazing work idea. Venture graveyards are the full of great ideas and the bad acts.  The %90 of work is labour and %10 of work is inspiration. Our purpose is basic. To helping you get a insiration.

Flexibility and availability is the most important thing for working at home. We can complete them with low costs for starting. Every year 1.4 million women set up their own business. Most people ask: ‘I want to set my business up but I do not know how I am going to do this. ‘

These are 6 advice for you.


Consultancy is one of the ‘work’ that you can use your own contact list and experience. Most businesses prefer paying for few days work or paying weekly, instead of montly work and salary system. There is a good trend that get help from the outside and you can help this advantegous. This field is so high.


Start work at home with using your contact list and skill. Accountancy can be a good example for this. If you can solve your ‘home accountancy’ you can do same thing at home for different companies. You can make more money according to your ex work. At the same time, work hours are decrease and it hours are getting flexible. 

Writing report is the another work that you can do at home. There are no limit for ideas and many women give service for different firms which firms are do not want to have secretary and paying regularly.

Online Marketing

The women who leave their work can work online marketing area. If you work a few hours a day, you can get revenue.  Another field  that woman actively work is developing software system like Adobe. If you have internet or wiress than it means that you are on the way. You can start to work with low costs and with a ‘speed’. Most company are work with women who handle with phosohpt project easily and fastly.

Food And Beverage Service and Organization

You dont have to open big business up. There are so much woman who cook in their own home and sell them. You can make money with this method. There is good profit margin. If you have contact list, you can use this way.

Health and Sport

Sport trainer, exercise club and more. You can work with other women at the gym where are many people work. Don’t think that this area only about human. Animal field are getting be common. There is an example for you. There is a woman who bored from her work. After a shor education, she starts to massage work. She is getting high on this job and she gets a nwe stuff for this job. She is happier now, and she is enough for yourself. 

Remind it yourself, you don’t invest a job million dollar. If you reach true person and if you set the balance up your life will change soon.

İnterior Design

There are so many women work at this area. Demand is getting increased on this job because of home selling are decreasing. Women redesigned home for preapre it to sell. Meet a few real estate agent and tell them what you do. You can get furnitures from the second hale companies.

We purpose to you the thing that who can change women’s life easily. Don’t forget this the perfect work ideas are coming from the experince and passions. Be sure that plan your steps and be sure that get the true support.

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