7. Week Of Pregnancy/ 5. Week of Fetus
Pregnancy Week by Week

7. Week Of Pregnancy/ 5. Week of Fetus

Dear mother, you are in 7. week of your pregnancy, 2. month. It means that you are still in the first trimester. You are in 7. week of your pregnancy and now your baby is 5. week of itself. Let’s look what is going to be in this week?

What is The Status Of Baby?

There is a surprised information! Your baby is 10.000x times bigger than fertilized period. New brain cells are formed and the baby is growing rapidly. The length of the baby to the butt from the head is 4-5 mm. This week:

Baby’s mouth and tongue are shaped.

His bowels are developing and his appendix is already ready.

His/Her extremities are shaping.

The baby’s kidneys are now in place. He is preparing to begin urine production and excretory duties. Luckily it’s early for you to enter the world of diapers yet.

The skull is still transparent. If you’re looking through a magnifying glass, you can see the smooth surface of your little brain.

What is The Differencies Of The Mom?

İt is very slowly the symptoms which are seeing in mother. This week, people won’t realize you’re pregnant as long as you don’t. If you want to keep this situation for a while you can hide it easily. You may have a few pounds or so far. This is a normal course. The symptoms of the week are still the same as the early signs of pregnancy. Because the 7th week of the first trimester is included in the second. That means you’re still in the early period. Fatigue, fatigue, sleep, heartburn, gas, bloating are among the complaints of pregnancy.

What About Vomiting?

Vomiting is the important symptom which are mostly seen in 7 week pregnancy. Morning sickness may increase. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day. It would be in your best interest to carry an emergency case. Vaginal discharge is also a symptom which is showing itself at the pregnancy. This stream is usually transparent or it can be white and smelless. The reason is the effect of hormones on the wall of the expanding vagina during pregnancy.

Is Craving Rumor?

If you feel ‘loathe’ to the foods that you like before, if you eat the foods that you don’t like before don’t worry. It is a quite normal circumstance. It is a old school comedy that a husband who is looking for pickle, strawberry and many thing. Most women, craving yes, but it is not likely this situation. Well, your husband does not know this, enjoy. Your feelings can be just like ‘confused’. Even if you cry for unknown reasons, do not worry about it. İt is temporary.

İmportant Things at 7. Week

Do not use drug without prescription. This is the most important thing ever. Many people prefer taking pill with their decision. In fact, although it is harmful for everyone, it is an issue that should be paid more attention during pregnancy. For example, painkillers may include aspirin, caffeine. Cough syrups and sleeping drugs may contain 25% alcohol. There is no difference to drink wine or beer. 5-10 weeks are the most critical period of pregnancy. Be careful!

You are already know that you should stay away from smoking. You must want an information from your doctor about your pregnancy, your nutrition, your sexual life, your medical life. İt is important for you and for your baby. You can do exercise, it will help you to giving birth. You can prefer pilates for pregnant women.

What Must I Eat at 7. Week of Pregnancy?

You should be sure that you take enough calcium on your body. Your baby need calcium for growing and developing. Calcium also protects the mother’s bone health, prevents blood pressure and balances blood pressure. Dairy products are rich in calcium and contain vitamin D, which helps in the absorption of calcium. Your doctor is going to tell you how much gram calcium you must take, she/she will tell you base your kilogram, weight and exc. You should ask the doctor if she/he did not say it to you.

Briefly, if you asking ‘how to 7 week pregnant woman feed?’ we can reply this as ‘The food which includes much calcium’. Milk, cheese, yoghurt, almond, spinach and some green vegetables have calcium inside. You can prefer these foods.

Gain Weight At Pregnancy

It can change the weight that you gain can changes for every women. You can up to the 25 kgs. The more the ilo change, the higher the complications. So it is difficult to determine the ideal number for weight gain during pregnancy. It determines your weight before you become pregnant. Experts suggest it is a good way6 to gain 300 gr until the 20. Weeks. Some are suggestion any thing. According to this, before the pregnancy low weight 14-20, normal weight 12-17, overweight can change weight in the range of 7-12 pounds.

Sex at First Trimester

Your sexual life can change your pregnancy week. İt must be evaluated that your prego-week. İn the first trimester, most women see that their hormones fell down and rising up second by second. İt is not an abnormal circumstance. Every women’s libido are different. During this period, the sexual organs can be sensitive and over-stimulated. İt will have not any problem to have sex at pregnancy if you have a healthy pregnancy. Most men worry about harming baby. If you’re having a risk-free pregnancy, neither sexual intercourse nor orgasm creates a problem for the baby. Because the baby is well protected by the amniotic sac and liquid. Uterine muscles are strong and protect the baby. Contains a protective layer of mucus against cervical infections.

You can get the correct information from your own doctor.

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