8. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 6. Week
Pregnancy Week by Week

8. Week of Pregnancy/ Baby’s 6. Week

Dear mother. You are on the 8. week of your pregnancy, so you are in the 2. month. İt means that you are still in the first trimester. 

8. Week of The Pregnancy/ Baby Status

Your baby is growing up like a storm. İt’s height is more than 1 cm already. We can say that baby’s height can be 1.4 cm-2 cm. Your little raspberry are growing and it is look like a human, than a reptile. Here are the changes:

Your baby’s hands are fingers going to shaped this weeks but they are still webbed.

The arms and the feet will extend.

You can see his/her ankles and elbows.

Eyelids are becoming and shaping.

His/Her eyes, lips and nose will shaped in this week.

The heart beats 150 times in a minute.

Compliment on Mother at 8. Week

The women which are in 8. week, they feel some changes of their body. The womb was widened, but this expansion is not excessive. İf a doctor examine you, he/she will tell you that the womb was wide.

The Compliments Are İncreasing When The Womb Expand

İt is an important subject pelvic pain and stomach pain in this week. Before your pregnancy, your uterus was the size of your fist. After 6 weeks of growth, it is now the size of a grapefruit. By the end of pregnancy will be a thousand times larger than the normal size. End of the first trimester your womb is getting expand so much. This causes much urination for you. As the pregnancy progresses and the uterus grows, you may feel cramps and pains below and below the abdomen. Therefore, abdominal pain is a normal symptom in the 8th week of pregnancy. Rahim stretch and contract during pregnancy. It’s normal.

During this, the placenta is growing up and it tries to keep the womb strict. It causes little bleeding or some staining. İt is nor abnormal too. Do not forget that every pregnancy is different. The symptoms of pregnancy are mostly similar but it can change for one woman to another one. Fatigue, constipation, vomiting, gas, stomach union, headache can be the symptoms about pregnancy.

Sciatica and Nerve Pain

Miscarriage Risk: We must explain the miscarriage at 8. week of pregnancy. The miscarriages are seen in the first trimester. The low level in the first 3 months is called early low. The end of the first trimester, or the end of the third month (12th week) between the 20th week is called low miscarriage. Well, do not worry about it. Cause miscarriage see in the %15 pregnancy at all. Miscarriage is kind of a throwing up to fertilized egg. Symptoms such as vaginal bleeding, cramps, persistent pain, falling parts, starting with a small part of the back and moving towards the lower abdomen are some of the symptoms of miscarriage. You will always be in touch with your doctor for various complications during pregnancy.

Toxoplasma: Toxoplasma is the sickness which are using in the pets. İf you are feeding a pet, you can worry about this situation. This disease is transmitted through contact with diseased cat feces, eating raw meat and meat infected with the disease. It can through away to placenta and it can reach to the baby. It causes an infection and then a miscarriage. Stay away to touch cat feces or any. Keep him away from the kitchen, benches and tables, and wash your hands after you love them. Wash hands after holding meat and soil. Cook all the meat. When preparing meat, watch out for other foods.

8. Week Test At Pregnancy

The tests will apply of your first or second examination. Pelvic treatment will do and many test are applied. Other tests can be blood count, urine analysis, urine culture, syphilis test and cervical culture. Most doctor want to diabete test, hepatitis test and many things in this week. However, not every test is performed, it is done in the early stages of pregnancy. 

Nutrition at 8. Week Pregnancy

If we talk about what must eaten at pregnancy and what we should stay away, we can see a principle on this circumstance. Feed balanced and regularly. You may not always get the nutrients you need in the amount you need. To do this, planning to do, to divide the nutritional value of the meal, to know what to eat beforehand will provide a smart diet.

What Must A Pregnant Eat?

Folic acid, calcium, iron, B6, Zinc must be taken at 8. week pregnancy. Your doctor will determine, how much you take and many thing about your nutrition. İt is based your analysis and your healthy. What are these foods?

Calcium: Milk and milk products, green vegetables, almond, bean ect.

Folic acide: Green leafy vegetables, lentils, asparagus, citrus, kidney beans, broccoli, eggs, tomato juice, sunflower seeds.

İron: Seafood such as sardines, whiting, mackerel, meat products such as lamb meat, turkey meat, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, cereal products, berries, watermelon, figs, prunes

Magnesium: Spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds, green beans, tuna, banana.

Vitamine B6: Sunflower, turkey-chicken, banana, avocado, 

Vitamine E6: Sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, chard, asparagus, garlic, peanuts

Zinc: Spinach, mushrooms, lamb, beef, yogurt, tomato, artichoke, milk

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