9. Week of Pregnancy/ 7. Week of Baby
Pregnancy Week by Week

9. Week of Pregnancy/ 7. Week of Baby

9. Week of pregnancy is the first week and the last month of first trimester. When you enter the last month of the first 3-month period, fatigue, hunger, nausea, frequent urination, such as complaints can rise. Because for most mothers, this first 3-month period is the worst period. Do not worry, you will get enjoy and be relaxed end of the first trimester. Your little baby deserves patience be sure. Well, we know you wonder, what is the things about 9. week of pregnancy. Let’s read.

Baby’s Status at 9. Week

Let’s begin with a question that many women ask ‘how is the 9. week baby in a womb?’ In this week, baby’s height going to as a green oil. Its height will be head from butt nearly 2.2 cm –3 cm. It is look like a human more than a frog. 

The development:

His head is large and curves according to his body.

Its hands curves from its ankles, hands and fingers are still shaping.

Hands and feet are expanding. Not, feet are so close to middle of the body.

Elbows are evident now.

Pancreas and gall bladder are formed, bowels are prolonged.

Baby’s Movement at 9. Week

İt is soon to feel your baby’s movement at this week. Cause its muscles are becoming. It can move its hands or feet at this moment. This movements can see in the 9. week examination. There are still some time to feel little kicks. You can hear your baby’s heart beats at this week with a doppler machine.

Changes On Mother

9. week is the starts of the 3. month.3. month is the last of the first trimester. During the 9th week of pregnancy, symptoms include nausea, frequent urination, and fatigue. And this month is the last month that these symptoms are intense.

Pubic Pain and Urination

The cause of urination is womb expand, as you guess. The uterus grows rapidly and begins to pressure the bladder. The bladder with reduced capacity due to pressure also triggers the need for frequent urination this week. Pubic pain by caused the same reason, womb set itself for the baby. Sometimes the leaves can’t expand as much as womb, and it causes to pubic pain. It is not worried situation. If it happens much, you should talk your doctor about it. 

Blood Volume Are Getting İncreased

In this week, the blood volume are getting increased nearly %50. It can change one pregnant woman to another. Blood volume are increasing from the first trimester to provide womb’s needs. More blood on the system are protect you and your baby. And it is a protection for the birth. Cause you are going to lose blood at the birth. 

When Will My Belly Grown?

Your belly probably is not big enough to noticed by any one. But surely your womb and your baby is growing up fastly. Your womb is an orange right now. Bu it is still slow according to whole pregnancy. So, your belly is not appearance. After the 12. Week, many women can see this. Deal with a photographer and take this amazing moment’s shot.

The Things You Must Care About

Your behaviour during pregnancy, surely effects your baby. Surely you are not a sick but you are carrying on a little human. So, you have to be careful about something during pregnancy, we explain them;

Saunas and hot places: Babies are trust their mother to protect their body warm. If the temperature increases, it will be effect baby negative way.

Electric blanket: Electric blanket may occur a magnetic area even it’s low. The fetus who is growing most sensitive to these area.

Microwave: Research shows that tissues developing in a fetus are sensitive to the effects of microwaves. İt will be a good idea to stay away microwaves during the pregnancy. 

How to Feed at 9. Week Pregnancy?

We know that you are wonder about how to feed at 9. week. We just try to answer all the questions that you pregnant women guess. You should eat fruits and vegetables during the whole pregnancy. But at these weeks, you must be careful what you eat. You can create your own feeding list with your doctor’s help. Eating fresh is a good way. Research shows that vitamin C helps prevent pregnancy poisoning. It contributes to the formation of amniotic sac. The amniotic sac is a sac located in the fetus, which is formed by two thin membranes.

Delicious and Low-Calorie Foods

Strawberry 94mg C vitamin

Orange Juice 82 mg

Kiwi 74

Broccoli 58

Red pepper 57

We suggest you to eat 1-2 fruit every day. You can eat the foods which are includes iron, folic acid, b6, E6, C vitamin.. Overdose of vitamin C can cause cramps and nausea. You can prefer grapes, bananas, oranges, apples, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, and ect. 

Exercises At Pregnancy

The best thing for you and also for your baby in this week is doing exercise. İt will help you to relaxed and preparing yourself to the birth. There are so many places that you can prefer

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