A strange 'Marsh': The indictment has not yet been prepared in the Swamp operation brought up by Peker

A strange ‘Marsh’: The indictment has not yet been prepared in the Swamp operation brought up by Peker

It was announced as the “biggest drug operation” in the history of the Republic, but no drugs were found. A confidentiality decision was made in the file, and it was understood that it was a black money operation.

Organized crime leader Sedat Peker brought to the agenda and was announced as the biggest drug operation in the history of the Republic, the “Marsh” operation, not drugs, but around 70 million TL deposits, 21 million TL worth of foreign currency and many luxury vehicles were seized. Businessperson Nevzat Kaya was arrested as part of the investigation, but was released four days later. Peker claimed that “Soylu’s son asked for a bribe to save him from the operation” for Kaya. There is a confidentiality decision in the investigation of the operation, whose indictment has not been prepared for 11 months. Kaya’s lawyer said, “The prosecutor’s office does not give us any information, we follow the process from the press.”

In his latest video, Peker made allegations about the “Marsh” operation, which was announced as the “biggest operation in the history of the Republic” by Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. Peker claimed that Soylu’s son, Engin Soylu, informed one of the suspects, Nevzat Kaya, owner of Yeniköy Motors, 10 days ago, and demanded a $5 million bribe to remove his name from the file. 


Within the scope of the investigation initiated by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, on 30 June 2020, a total of 110 different addresses, 85 of which were houses and 25 of which were workplaces, were raided simultaneously in the operation called “Marsh” in 11 provinces. 74 people, including Nejat Daş and Çetin Gören, who were convicted of drug trafficking, were detained. Deposits of around 70 million TL in the bank accounts of the criminal organization were confiscated. In addition, 21 million TL worth of foreign currency, Turkish Lira, gold, jewelery and jewelry, 281 title deeds, 31 pistols, 32 computers, mobile phones, sim cards, money counting machines and 21 luxury cars were seized. 

The luxury cars seized in the Istanbul leg of the operation were shown to the press. It was stated that some of the vehicles belonged to former Trabzonspor manager Nevzat Kaya, the Chairman of the Board of D&D Motor Vehicles and owner of Yeniköy Motors, who was taken into custody as part of the operation. Allegedly, Kaya was laundering money by selling a large number of luxury vehicles to Nejat Daş and Çetin Gören. Nevzat Kaya, who Peker claimed that “Engin Soylu wanted 5 million dollars”, was arrested on July 6, 2020. However, he was released on July 10, 2020, 4 days later, upon the objection of the prosecutor’s office. While the names of 113 suspects, 26 of whom were detained, were mentioned in the investigation file carried out by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, an indictment has not been prepared yet. 


Minister Soylu, in a statement on TRT screens recently, confirmed that drugs were not caught in the operation as Peker claimed. Soylu said, “We did not catch marijuana, we caught the proceeds of crime. We’re at the start right now. The investigation is ongoing. 2 billion in assets and money, 17 companies trustees, but multiply that by 10. The biggest radish is in the saddlebag”. Soylu showed a photo of Sedat Peker and drug lord Çetin Gören side by side and stated that Peker was also involved in the operation. 


Nevzat Kaya’s lawyer, Emrah Güner, whom we reached out about the allegations, said that he heard the allegations from the press, and that they were not clearly informed about the investigation because there was a confidentiality decision in the file.


According to Peker’s allegations, Nevzat Kaya used the specialized license plate of Süleyman Soylu’s son, Engin Soylu, in the car he was driving until 10 days before the “Marsh” operation. In this way, the vehicle was not stopped during police inspections. Again, according to Peker’s claim, Engin Soylu informed Kaya 10 days before the operation and said, “We need to cancel this specialization.” Specialization was cancelled. Peker claimed that Engin Soylu had offered Kaya to “if you give us 5 million dollars, we can get you out of this file”, and that his wife called Engin Soylu after Kaya’s arrest.


From the open auto market to the Aston Martin distributor…

Nevzat Kaya tells the story of his rise in an interview he gave in 2017. The story of Kaya, who entered the industry by selling cars in the open auto market at the age of 16, reminds Kürşat Ayvatoğlu, who has made a great impression in the past days. Then, Opel, Renault and Peugeot dealership Kaya, according to his own words, starts selling luxury cars after a while and establishes Yeniköy Motors. Nevzat Kaya, who went to England one day because of the fact that Aston Martin is among the brands he imported, meets the Arab businessman, the top manager of the fund, who owns the brand, at a Friday prayer. Later, Aston Martin executives signed an agreement and Kaya became the distributor of the brand in Turkey.

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