Anestol Pomade Cream
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Anestol Pomade Cream

Anestol is a very effective local anesthesia cream. Usually it is used for problems which caused ‘pain’. It  makes the pain temporarly. Otherwise what many people know, it does not effect on healing. Anestol pomade cream is prefered by people mostly because of it interrupts the cell membrane to pain transmission. İt is effective on numbness. 

We are going to explain ‘What is the Anestol Pomade?’ ‘How it Works?’ ‘How Can I Use That?’ ‘What İs This Pomade’s Side Effects? Keep reading for more information.

What is The Anestol Pomade

Anestol pomade is a cream which is including at ‘local anesthetic medical’. The cream which provides regional compatability is white colour. It is sold by prescription in 30 mgs tubes. İt is applying on skin and its active substance is ‘lidocaine’. In addition, the drug contains methyl paraben, propyl paraben, polyethylene glycol. Anestol pomade is a drug which is selling with prescription and it shows its effect fastly.

Anestol Pomade’s Benefits

İt is a medical product whic is knowing by getting ‘regional numbness’. İt is very effective. You must not use this Anestol Pomade with the rumor that you heard from people. I am going to explain where to use and how to use for you. Anestol pomade is using for skin and mukosal burning, itching, nipples, anus, lip problems and many zone on the body.

Where I Can Use This Product?

Anestol pomade can be used before waxing.

Anestol pomade can be used after laser epilastion for decreasing the pain. (Temporarly)

Anestol pomade can be used as a lubricate thing for first sexual intercourse. 

Anestol pomade can be used for reducing pain at sex.

You can use anestol pomade during get a tattoo.

You can use this product for reducing pain of mustache zone for women.

Many men prefer this product for it is using as a reterdant at sexing.


Needle hair removal

Nipple cracks,


Anal fissure


You can use this product.

Anestol anesthetic cream can be used for many reason. Before waxing, many women prefer this medical. You can use this medical product if you have the fear of ‘wedding night’. You can use this product on first sexual intercourse. Many men use this drug as a reterdant. Because it gives numbness feel, many men use this when sexing. It is enough to apply a little bit from this drug on the penis skin. 

How to Anestol Pomade Applies?

Many people wonder that how to use this product especially if they use this product their first time. İf it needs, you can use this products 2 or 3 times. You should never exceed 5 grams for one time. The maximum dose that you can use a day 17 gr-20 gr. İt caused side effects that if you reached the maximum dose. You must not aplly it large surface on your body. 

You must clean the zone up where you going to apply.

Apply the drug on your skin until skin absorbe it.

How to anestol pomade apply on the sensitive zone, how can it use on vagina and many things we can talk about now. How long it takes if you wonder, keep reading. İt shows its effect after 5 minutes from applied. İts impact duration is nearly 2 or 3 hours.

How it Uses On Sex?

You can use anestol pomade cream if you have sexual fear or if you are harsh with sexing. İt is enough to appyling surface on vagina and little bit of the vagina entrance before 15 minute.

How to Use On Vagina?

Anestol pomade or Emla cream must be applied on vagina entrance and the surface. Never use it more than 5 gram. It is not recommended to apply it into the vagina, cause it makes ‘burning.’ 

How to Use For Hemorrohids?

İf you want reducing the pain of zone, you can use this drug. İt is enough to appyling outside of the zone. İt provides to ease the pain of zone temporarly.

How Can I Use This For Anus?

Breech ruptures are really painful mostly, it feels you just a skinking. Person mostl can’t sit and that’s why he/she does not do their work. İt is enough to reduce your pain temporary. İt can help you getting temporary relaxation if you apply this on the breech little bit. Use this on your breech and see how to relax. The most important thing is this drug gives you temporary relaxation. İt is not a treatment way. 

How Can I Use For As a Reterdant?

This product help you to anesthezite on a zone and it has a numbness effect. Actually this products mainly usage area is not to be a reterdant. But many men use this product because it feels the man ‘delayed’. İf you have a early ejaculation, you can use this product. Many site give false information about this subject.

How To Use Before Waxing?

İt has a reterdant effect and it makes you feel numb. That’s why many women use this cream before waxing. After the applied, you can use this product. İt is enough that waiting 30 minutes. İt is very effective and useful. Especially if you use this on your face skin, it will help you to reduce the pain. On the genital area, apply this drug on the skin a little than wait 30 minutes for waxing. Don’t use this drug on your open wound. It will help you to reduce the laser epilation pain. 

Anestol Pomade’s Side Effects

Every cream and every medical product has side effect. Side effects can be seen if you have allergy with this cream or if you get overdose. If you take overdose, because of the active ingredient going to mix the blood, you can see side effects. The side effects can be:




İtching or wound on the skin

Seeing problems

Stremble and seizure

İf you see any effects from this list, you must see the doctor.

Usage at Pregnancy

You should ask the doctor when pregnancy to using this product. Because this product is mixing to the blood. 

Using This Product While Breastfeeding

We know that this cream is going to mix to breast milk. İt is not suggested to use while breastfeeding. You must start this product with minimum dose on children. You must not apply this medical on open wounds and burnt. Do not apply it nose or eyelids. 

Comments About Anestol Cream

Until that I found the this cream, sunburnt makes me so harsh. 

We do not know heated oil or pots going to hurt us. That’s why you have to keep in your house this product.

Our marrige was a nightmare, thanks for the anestol pomade, now we are happy.

I felt down from the bike last month, because of the friction, I was feel so bad. I applied on my wound thin layer than finally I feel good.

I suprised that how a medicine can be so effective and so cheap!

Waxing was a torture for me, I ask my doctor and she gave a prescription for this medicine. Thank you doctor!

Anal fissure pain is the unbearable pain. I used this medicine and it flied out. 

I applied it on my penis and I did  not notice that I pissed out. I wish that not use it. 

All Questions About Anestol Pomade

These are the questions about Anestol.

Can I Use This Without Prescription?

Never use it without doctor suggestion or without prescription.

Effect Time

İt nearly effects 3-4 hours. İf you take overdose, you’ll se side effects. 

Does İt Mix With Breast Milk?

We know this product can be mixed with breast milk.

Can I Apply On My Special Zone?

You can use on genital area but never apply it into the vagina.

Anestol Pomade Pregnancy Category

The pregnancy category is ‘B’. You must not use this without doctor suggestion if you are pregnant or if you are in doubt with pregnancy.

Can I Apply on My Face?

You can use on face and the zone with problem. Do not use for eyelids.

How Long İt Takes to Effect?

After 30 minutes to apply it shows their affect.

Anestol Prospectus

İn our country, unfortunately many people do not read the prospectus. You can find many information on this chapter.

Repaid Code: A00762

Cost: 9.75 TL.

Before Cost: 9.75

Original/ jeneric Jeneric

Prescription: YES

Barcode: 8699516379018

Avtice ingredient: Lidocaine HCL

ATC Code: D04AB01

Unit Amount: 5 mg

Unit Type: %


İt is sold by prescription. So if you want to get this, you must ask for the doctor give a prescription for you. The cost is 9.75

The Counterpart

The counterpart is Emla. These two prosuct can be used mostly and you can choose them. This content’s reliability is not perfect. So you have to ask your doctor, if you need this drug.

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