Are You Really in Love? 11 Signs You’re In A Happy Relationship

Sharing your life with someone else can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be difficult and exhausting. Although many couples in love break up after a few years of being together, not every love has to end like that. There are some simple things you should do to keep your crush fresh. 😊 We researched and compiled the signs that you are in a happy relationship. Reviewing your relationship by taking these items into account will also make it easier for you to understand whether you are with the “right” person. Here are 11 steps every couple should take for a happier relationship.

1. Having a common hobby

While it’s great to have personal hobbies, you should have at least one common hobby as a couple. This could be playing sports or watching movies together. Adding such an activity to your routine will allow you to spend quality time together.

2. Respect each other’s personal space

Happy couples share an incredible intimacy. However, they also know how to make room for each other when necessary. You shouldn’t feel suffocated and trapped in a relationship. You should not forget that it is very important to open up spaces for your partner to breathe.

3. Going on vacations, trips together

It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation! It can also be a nice walk or a weekend getaway. The main idea here is to spend quality time alone, away from daily worries and potential conflicts. The change in the environment will also help revitalize your relationship.

4. Expressing your love at least once a day

While it may sound simple, telling your partner that you love them is much more important than you think. Telling them how much you love and appreciate them strengthens the bonds between you.

5. Having independent lives

Having independent lives is just as important as having a shared hobby. You should see your partner not as an extension of you, but as an independent individual with ideas and desires. See your partner’s uniqueness and give him the opportunity to create his own space.

6. Eating meals at the same time


Sometimes, due to your busy schedules, it may not be possible to eat every meal together. However, experts recommend that you eat your meals together whenever possible. While eating, you can ask each other about your day and make various plans for the weekend.

7. Supporting each other’s dreams


Supporting your partner’s dreams makes them feel loved and cared for. Happy couples listen to each other’s wishes and cheer each other up. They also support each other when things go wrong.

8. Trusting each other, not allowing jealousy


A relationship without trust will eventually fall apart. If you are an extremely jealous person, you need to work on this feature before the ties between you and your loved ones are broken. If your partner is also careful in this regard, there is no need to wear out your relationship with excessive jealousy.

9. Grow and evolve together


After years of growing and developing as an individual, it may bother you to see your partner still counting in the same place. Personal development is a natural and expected part of one’s life path. Both sides must strive to improve.

10. Sharing housework


Putting all the household chores on one person can be disastrous. When one of the parties takes full responsibility, they will feel overwhelmed, which will create an imbalance in the relationship. If chores aren’t shared equally, it’s time to make a list and split them up! You’re both adults who can keep the house tidy, remember that. 😊

11. Enjoying small gestures


While big gestures are exciting, it’s important to appreciate small gestures as well. Asking if you need anything from the kitchen or giving a massage after a busy day… You should remember that you should appreciate a sincere and thoughtful gesture.

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