Budding Beauty Tips for Spring

Budding Beauty Tips for Spring

Budding Beauty Tips for Spring, Spring brings pretty colors, flirty skirts and warm weather worth enjoying. With nature blooming all around, it’s no wonder that we’re all looking to bust out of this winter gloom. If you’d like a new and exciting change from your traditional beauty routines, check out these hot tips – just in time for spring!

Pinks of any hue will do.

Sport pink on your eyelids, cheeks, nails and lips for a deliciously delicate look. No matter what your skin tone or hair color, spring is the time when you can really pull off pink in a big way.

Go daring with green.

Especially on the eyes, metallic greens make a great beauty statement. In fact, shades of green have really stolen the limelight this spring. Using a shade that works for you, draw attention to your eyes by playing them up a bit. Don’t be afraid to go dark, but if you do, reme mber – intense eyes should be paired with soft, subtle lips. Use a softer shade or a slick gloss to achieve this result.

White is the new black.

When intensifying your eyes with eyeliner, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors. Browns and navy blues are fine, but don’t forget about the fresh looks you can achieve with white and silver eyeliner. If you aren’t too keen on eyeliner to begin with, apply frosty white and silver shades to your eyelids in a powder or gel form.

Go soft; go sheer; go glossy.

To complement the bold and inspiring looks accenting the eyes, choose softer hues for the lips. Simple lip-gloss and Chap Stick products give your lips a tasty and therapeutic treat, but don’t forget about adding some subtle color. Apply traditional lipstick in lighter colors or use liquid lip products for a wet and glossy glow.

Don’t skimp on the color.

Especially when dressing up the eyes, be generous with your colo rs. Neutral tones are fine, but have a little fun with brighter and wilder hues. The shades you select should draw attention to your beautiful faces and your gorgeous eyes.

Engage in metallics.

In an effort to accentuate your eyes, sparkly metallic colors will truly make a great expression. Metallic green, steel and other shades will look stunning with your complementing makeup and your sexy wardrobe.

Rock out with longer, more noticeable lashes.

Long and sexy eyelashes give your peepers a great lift. Apply a glossy or sparkly topcoat to your lashes after your mascara dries for ultimate sheen and a fabulous “wet” look.

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