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Causes of Skin Aging

Why does the skin age? Although the skin changes depending on age, the skin may wear out and lose its vitality, regardless of age, in people who do not take care of it regularly. In short, the skin’s matte appearance and sagging causes of skin aging is with you with the difference.

What are the Causes of Skin Aging?

  1. The first cause of skin aging is time. With this age-related aging, skin cells begin to die. After a certain age, the skin cannot renew itself.
  2. Harmful rays from the sun cause skin aging. The layer that protects the skin is quickly destroyed when sunscreen is not used.
  3. Habits such as smoking and alcohol cause skin aging. Harmful habits that slow down the circulation rate cause rapid aging of the skin.
  4. Excessive make-up and preventing the skin from breathing are one of the causes of skin aging. As long as the skin pores are not open, it becomes difficult for the skin to breathe. Therefore, the skin tends to age and wear out.
  5. Seasonal changes are known to age the skin. Weather changes, windy and very hot weather have a great effect on the aging process of the skin.
  6. Nutrition factor also accelerates the aging of the skin. If the necessary vitamins are not taken, the skin loses its firmness and collagen production stops.
  7. Stressful living conditions cause skin aging. You can understand the fact that stress affects the functioning of the body by looking at your skin. In healthy-minded individuals, the skin is more alive and firm.
  8. Lack of moisture is one of the most obvious causes of skin aging.. Applying cream to the skin as needed and protecting the skin barrier reduce aging.
  9. Sleeping habits cause skin aging. People who sleep on their face have more wrinkles. For this reason, lying on your back is the most ideal sleeping position for the skin to resist gravity.
  10. Your facial expressions accelerate the aging of the skin. Mimics first appear around the eyes, in the middle of the eyebrows and around the mouth. Therefore, the skin begins to age earlier.

Causes of Skin Aging

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