Development of 5. Week of Pregnancy
Pregnancy Week by Week

Development of 5. Week of Pregnancy/ 3. Week of Fetus

5. week of pregnancy includes of first trimester. İt is the beginning of 2. months of first trimester. So, what is happening at 5. week of pregnancy?

How is The Baby Development at 5. Week of Pregnancy?

While baby fell into the womb, it was a zygote by one cell, after 3 weeks it reaches 1.25 mm. Yes, we can except it is small still, but it going to grow up fast soon. This week, the baby’s heart going to shaped. The heart and the circulatory system going to start to work the baby has a heart and it is becoming only 2 tubes. And yes, it beats.

Does the baby appear in 5 weeks of pregnancy? If you asking this, it can only be seen by vaginal route. However, it is not possible to see the baby and the heart in the gestational sac during this week. It’s normal. This can be explained by the fact that the baby is too small to be seen.

What is The Difference On Mother at 5. Weeks of Pregnancy?

Ay this times, probably no one notices that you are pregnant if you don’t tell them. But the baby is going to warn you at this week. İn this month, we can say that something’s change. You are going to feel that you are pregnant. What is the Symptoms on mother this week, let’s talk about this. The second month is the month when most expectant mother feels exhausted and exhausted. Moving into the toilet hundreds of times a day, the symptoms of nausea that never leave you alone (you may not find your stomach if you’re lucky), a feeling of swelling you can’t get out of your belly, are among those who will live this month.

Urination: It can lead during whole pregnancy, it is intense at first. Especially when the womb expands as the birth approaches, the urine bag begins to be irritating.

Some changes at Breasts: İt is a common status that you have pain or ache on your nipple. You can see the nipple area is getting darker. You can see some glands also.

Weakness: This general symptom may persist throughout the whole pregnancy. Make sure you take prenatal vitamins and the medication your doctor takes regularly and have enough rest. Avoid caffeine and sugar if you’re tired. Both trigger this problem.

Why I Have Vaginal Discharge at 5. Week of Pregnancy?

Many women have vaginal discharge during the pregnancy at all. İt is white and low-smell discharge. The reason is the pressure of the hormones on the wall of the vagina that is extremely expanding during pregnancy.  It is getting intensify. The high acid content in the stream is thought to play a role in preventing harmful bacteria. It may be useful to wear comfortable and abundant trousers, not to shower directly with the vagina, to use cotton underwear.

Why is the Reason of Bleeding?

You can see bleeding and staining during the 12 week of pregnancy. Bleeding can be a harbinger of many things according to its severity, duration, frequency. İt is so important to follow this up and get information to your doctor. You must note your bleeding type, smell, fluidity or colour. During the first 3-month period, bleeding may be a low predictor of bleeding. But not every bleeding will mean this. If you go to regular check-up and frequent dialogue with the doctor, there is less chance of an unexpected problem.

Vomiting at 5. Week of Pregnancy

5. week of pregnancy is a week of ‘vomiting week.’ Nusea or vomiting is a early pregnancy symptom. İt shows mostly at mornings. İt mostly effect %75 of women. If you lucky, probably you will not see this symptom. Nausea isn’t just in the morning even though it’s morning sickness. It may occur at any time of the day. It is most common in the first trimester, is in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Signs and symptoms usually occur between 5 and 8 weeks. It is expected to be alleviated when it comes to 13-14.

How to Feed At 5. Week Pregnancy?

The 5-week diet during pregnancy can be arranged to suppress and to combat nausea of the fearful dream of this period. You should try to cope with this process by avoiding coffee and consuming salty foods because it stimulates gastric acid. But don’t be afraid to let you know that it will decrease as time passes. In the period of pregnancy, healthy and adequate nutrition is proper nutrition actually both will prevent unnecessary weight gain during pregnancy and provide the necessary vitamins for the health of the baby as well as provide a comfortable post-pregnancy. For this reason, we recommend that you consider a professional nutrition support.

What Must I Eat at 5. Week Pregnancy

You can prefer carbohydrate-rich, low-fat, easily digestible foods.

Ginger and salt can help you sometimes.

Stay away from salty and fatty meals.

You can balance your blood glucose with high protein meal.

You can eat a few crackers or toast before you get up in the morning. They help in the absorption of stomach acid.

You can chew a fresh ginger or you can boil it then you can drink as a tea.

You can get help from watermelon or lemonade.

As the stomach remains empty, too much fullness also increases nausea. Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, you can eat less often but less.

Don’t forget to drink water.

If you feel nausea after taking prenatal vitamins, you can try taking it at night or with food. After receiving candy or gum can be relaxing.

The Things You Should Pay Attention at 5. Week

You must definitely see ‘the things you must pay attention’ list. It is the 5th and the 10th week when the baby is most vulnerable. At the time, all major organs of the baby are formed, and any damage to the embryo can result in a significant birth defect.

Dangerous And Toxic Things

Alcohol, drugs and some medicines include teratogen. You should stay away from them.


Viruses and bacteria damage the baby during this critical period. The baby can only catch the infection through his mother. Vaccines and natural immunity protect you from many harmful infections. During pregnancy, you should take precautions to avoid exposure to diseases such as chicken pox, measles, rubella, mumps and hepatitis.


Higher dose radiation can effect your baby badly. However, low dose radiation used in diagnostic X-ray does not significantly affect the risk of birth defects. İt is going to be most true thing do not take x ray in this period. If it needs, you’ll talk your doctor.


Malnutrition or feeding badly can give harm to your baby. Consuming a certain nutrient very little can affect cell development. You should take folic acid-containing vitamin supplements with the help of your doctor. Remember, feeding the baby right is the first and best gift you can give to your baby.

Sex At 5. Week of Pregnancy

Sex at 5. week of pregnancy is quite normal. İt is not any problem to have sexual intercourse until last 4 weeks of pregnancy, if your pregnancy is healthy. But sometimes, you do not want to do sex. İn the first 3 months of the week, hormonal fluctuations, nausea, fatigue can cause rusting to sexual desire. This situation will change in the second quarter.

Many couples worry in the first trimester that sex in the first trimester may cause miscarriages. This is an unwarranted concern. The cause of miscarriages in the first period of pregnancy is chromosomal anomalies and other baby-related problems.

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