Eye Makeup Tips While Wearing a Mask

Eye Makeup Tips While Wearing a Mask

With the pandemic, living with a mask has become a part of our lives. So much so that it is one of the sine qua non of our routine for our health. On the other hand, we are still trying to get used to the new normal. Beyond getting used to it, we strive to make it permanent in our lives. And in this process, we have to make concessions on our certain habits. So, do we have to shelve our make-up habit, which is a part of daily life for women? Of course no.

In this period when we have to wear a face mask when leaving our homes, we can create unique touches on the eyes, even if we cannot concentrate on skin make-up. How Does? Here are some tips for turning crisis into opportunity.

Get Rid of the Dull Effect of the Mask with Luminous Headlights

Luminous headlights give the eyes a healthy and lively look. Therefore, your primary choice should be a luminous eyeshadow in natural tones. When you say that I will bring my eyes to the fore, be careful not to go to dark and suffocating colors.

Although we say that the mask covers most of our face, our skin tone will not hesitate to show itself. Therefore, it is useful to choose a headlight according to our skin color.

Suitable Headlight Color According to Skin Tone

Those with light skin tones can attract attention with a shimmering eyeshadow in natural tones. Pink, nude pink and gold tones are perfect for this. Those with medium skin tones can create a perfect eye make-up with copper tones. Wheat skinned people can make the mask they have to wear invisible by gathering the gaze in their eyes with a glittering headlight in golden tones. Those with darker skin tones can create a great effect with darker pink tones.


There is not enough time to explain the function of eyeliner, as we will draw all the eyes to our eyes first when we wear a mask. We do not need a thick eyeliner to achieve a unique look. With a thinly drawn eyeliner, we can achieve a striking effect in eye makeup.

Never Without Mascara

Let’s say you don’t have time or don’t want to deal with eye makeup. But you also want to make a difference while wearing a mask. Then mascara is the best solution for you. You can put everything aside and make your day better with a mascara that you believe creates a lifting effect on the eyelashes.

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