Is the Innocents Apartment Real?
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Is the Innocents Apartment Real?

Is the Innocent Apartment a real life story? From which book is the Innocent Apartment adapted? Innocent Apartment, which started to be broadcast on TRT1 screens, has been followed with interest from the first day of its broadcast. It is not known whether it is a different subject than many TV series made so far, and it shows its difference in the ratings.

Adapted from the book Inside the Medallion by psychiatrist Gülten Budaıcıoğlu, the series tells a real life story. There are many stories in the book. On the other hand, Innocent Apartments was scripted by quoting the story of Garbage Apartment.

What is the Difference Between Series and Book?

The biggest difference is they don’t have a brother named ‘Han’ in the real life story. As a matter of fact, İnci, who is Han’s wife, is not in the series. There are only 3 sisters.

It would not be possible without adding the love stories that we are accustomed to seeing in Turkish TV series in general. That’s why Khan and Pearl were included in the script.

It looks like we will see the healing effect of the character of İnci on the girls. İnci will replace Gülseren Budaıcıoğlu and will save the girls from this life they cannot get out of with love. Their mothers and fathers are not happy because they did not have a love marriage. Dad works from morning until midnight. When he comes home, he has to go inside, taking off all his clothes, on the doorstep. He doesn’t make a sound because he has a character that can be called a wimp in structure. Girls are constantly beaten, hit on the back with a rolling pin, humiliated and given various nicknames.

This situation does not change when their mother dies, because this time Safiye begins to apply the same things she saw from her mother to her siblings.

What Does The Innocents Apartment Want To Tell Us?

You see that the series of psychological problems that aim to accept everyone and everything as they are are normal, that every individual has the right to be reintegrated into society, and that the salve of a person’s wound is still a person.

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