Korean TV Shows Netflix

Korean TV Shows Netflix

Korean dramas are attracting more and more people’s attention every day. Especially during the quarantine period, it is possible to have a good time thanks to the Korean dramas that many people love! Let’s take a closer look at the best Korean dramas you can find on Netflix!

Korean Dramas You Must Watch

· It’s Okay Not to Be Okay: It will be very good for you to watch the story of a man working in the psychiatry ward and a woman with asocial personality disorder returning to love. This series, which contains some romantic and dramatic elements, will be the best choice for those who do not want to give up tradition.

· Demon Hunter: For those who enjoy action packed series, Demon Hunter will be the best choice. A group of young people, each with special abilities; tries to catch the bad guys. The lives of these young people who disguise themselves as noodle restaurant attendants will tie you to them.

· Crash Landing on You: TV series about North Korea and South Korea have always attracted attention. Crash Landing on You; It is a series that will draw you to itself with its subject matter. a South Korean army officer; He is also an important heir. One day he encounters a North Korean elite. He falls in love with this woman without realizing it. The love of the couple is full of difficulties.

· A Love So Beatiful: This 2020 series is especially appealing to young people. As you can appreciate, TV series that are closely related to high school life are very popular in all countries of the world. This series; It deals with the problems of a group of young people growing up. It is a series that both young people and those who want to return to their youth years will love.

· Start-Up: This series produced in 2020; Although not as much as other Korean dramas, it was loved. This series, which tells about the situations created by the coming together of two young people who want to have a place in business life and dream of their companies being world-class, should be watched in a humorous way!

· Run On: This series, which has romantic and dramatic elements, appeals to those who want to have a good time. The process that started with the meeting of two very introverted young people living in different worlds will also be instrumental in them discovering different things about their characters.

· Burning: This TV series made in 2018; It should definitely be on the list of best Korean dramas. A young man named Jongsu who is both a courier and a writer; One day he meets his old neighbor Haemi. Being impressed by her, she agrees to take care of her cat while she is traveling. However, Haemi’s return from the trip will change both of their lives.

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