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Things to see and do in Adana there are not many historical or touristic places or structures. But I think it would be enough if a 1-day program was made and the places I will count now are seen. Of course, except for eating and drinking, I am only making these suggestions and plans for you as “Places to see in Adana”. I’m making an estimated route and adding it below. Of course, I will be talking about the new Adana and Seyhan Dam Lake sides. Without further ado, immediately Things to do in Adana I’m starting to explain in order.

adana - places to visit - map

Places to Visit in Adana Route (Old Adana Region is usually located here)

Planning a List of Places to Visit in Adana

First, we will start our tour from the city center. Our first stop will be Stone Bridge.


  • Visiting the old Adana region
  • Afterwards, we will proceed towards Yeni Adana.

By the way, you can easily travel everywhere. If you have a car, of course, you will be more comfortable. There is no such heavy traffic in Adana. I would even say that you can visit this region by renting a car.

new adana old adana map

New Adana-Old Adana

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1. Stone Bridge

On a sunny Saturday. As you know, I’m a man who can escape from the disgusting and dirty air of Istanbul, as you know, I am a man in his job, we leave the hotel and go to the famous stone bridge, which is our first stop.

The Stone Bridge, which is built on the Seyhan River, is the oldest bridge in the world open to vehicle traffic and was built by the Romans in the 2nd century.

adana - places to visit

Adana-Stone Bridge: Places to visit in Adana

This bridge, which originally had 21 eyes, seems to have 14 eyes today due to the fact that its land is filled with stones. Weather is nice. The view created by the Seyhan River and the Adana Central Mosque behind it on the Seyhan River is indescribable.

2. Ulu Mosque (Ramadanogullari Mosque)

After crossing the bridge, we proceed towards the historical district. This place is known as the old city area. Ulu Mosque, one of the most important structures left behind by the Ramazanoğulları, a very important civilization in this region, is the next stop.

adana - ramazanoğulları - mosque

Ramazanoğulları Mosque: Places to visit in Adana

The mosque, which was completed in 1541, is a structure that has preserved its historical texture and smell with its walls and architecture.

3. Ramazanoğlu Madrasa

We pass to the madrasah, which is right across the mosque. The peaceful garden of Ramazanoğlu Principality and its beautiful courtyard to sit and rest are worth seeing.

adana - places to visit

Ramazanoğulları Madrasa

Like us, if you get the chance, you can come across the young people playing the ney instrument inside, find peace and relax under the trees in the garden.

4. Historical Clock Tower (Great Clock)

After exiting the madrasah, we immediately head to the left. On the right we see a tomb. It was the tomb of Ziya Pasha. They are the first governor of Adana. After paying our respects, crossing the square, comes the 32-meter-high clock tower, which we see right in front of us.


Great Clock Tower-Adana

It is a tower that started to be built in 1881 and was completed within a year and opened to service in 1882. By the way, it was the tallest clock tower in Turkey. We pass the clock tower and head to the famous earnings bazaar right behind it.

5. Historical Kazancilar Bazaar

The place where the clock tower is located is actually the city’s bazaar. Kazancılar bazaar, located in this very region, is one of the places that can be an example for our old, historical bazaars, where there are shops that manufacture and repair copper and boilers, as the name suggests.

adana - restaurants

Kazancilar Bazaar-Kebab Eaten on the Street

Don’t expect such a big place, my friend. There are shops on the left and right, that’s all. While you’re here, eat Adana wrap. Believe me, they are more successful than many restaurants. For some reason, I always liked the food sold on the street more. Being a backpacker is in our soul.

6. Adana Ethnography Museum

By disappearing from Kazancılar bazaar and Adana bazaars, “E is not possible without a museum!” Adana Ethnography Museum is our next stop. He came to his door and said, “I wonder where is the museum. This is the church you know!” While saying that, we later learned that this building, which was originally used as a church, has been used as a museum since 1924.

adana - places to visit


Inside, items belonging to the nomads living in Çukurova villages and the Taurus Mountains were exhibited. I speak from “Muş” because we could not enter. It was closed. I thought I’d write it in case it might be open when you go.

7. Bebekli Church

Let me warn you first. Closed on Sunday. Open Saturday. We went to the door but could not enter. We go to Bebekli Church by walking about 10 minutes from Kazancılar bazaar. You mean baby? Let me explain: Bebekli Church, St. An Italian Catholic church built in the name of Paul.


Bebekli Church : Places to visit in Adana

The peculiarity of this place is that the 2.5-meter bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, which is located on the church, is likened to a baby, and its name remained as the “Bebekli Church”. This is everything.

8. Atatürk Park-Ziyapaşa-Gazipaşa and Atatürk Streets

We want to leave the oldest part of the city and see some new parts. There are all kinds of cafes, restaurants and entertainment centers along these streets and Atatürk park in the area up to Adana Station.

ataturk park adana

Ataturk Park

There are plenty of luxury shops and cafes on Ziya Pasa Street. Nice area for shopping. In fact, if you want to have 2 glasses of something in the evening, bars and pubs are always in these regions. Especially on weekends, you can have an alternative.

9. Adana Central Park

After wandering around the city center for a while, we now want to rest and breathe. When I can’t see water in a city, it always seems like something is missing.

Maybe it has become a habit because I am from Fethiye. I do not know ! Fortunately, there is the Seyhan river in Adana and the entire riverside is green.

adana-places to visit-weekend

Adana Merkez Park : Places to visit in Adana

This was my favorite part of Adana. Adana Municipality seemed to be working on parking services. Later I learned that this park is Turkey’s largest park.

We are talking about a huge green park area. I commended it. Let’s say millet to the beginning of our other cities, especially Istanbul…

10. Sabanci Central Mosque

Sabancı Merkez Mosque, located right on the banks of the Seyhan River, is known as the largest mosque in Turkey and the Middle East, and offers a pleasant view by the river with its 6 minarets, 99 meters high.

Knowing this, we are on our way to our next stop, the Mosque. This mosque has very important numerical features. Here’s how:

adana - sabanci - center - mosque

Sabancı Central Mosque : Places to visit in Adana

4 half-domes correspond to 4 caliphs and 4 sects, 5 domes correspond to 5 pillars of Islam and 6 minarets correspond to 6 pillars of faith. There are 28 domes in its courtyard and 28 prophets whose names are mentioned in the Qur’an, 40 windows in the main dome. The 6 minarets, which are 99 meters high, were built to commemorate the 99 beautiful names of Allah. Some places have deeper meanings than they seem…

11. Archaeological Museum

Our next stop is the Archeology Museum, one of the 10 oldest museums in our country, but we do not enter. I think it was under renovation.

I thought I’d tell you, in case you get a chance to see it when you go. In the Archeology Museum, which was built just one year after the proclamation of the Republic, there are the Hittite Gate lion, inscriptions and sarcophagi.

adana_places to visit

Archeology Museum (Photo: places to visit.biz)

Many different animal, god and goddess figures from ancient times are on display. Open every day except Mondays. Admission is 5 TL. Of course, I am stating that you can enter when it is fully put into service.

12. Ataturk Museum (Suphi Pasha Mansion)

One of the most important places to visit in Adana is undoubtedly this place where Mustafa Kemal Pasha and his wife Latife Hanım were hosted as guests.


Ataturk Museum : Places to visit in Adana

Atatürk used this place during his visit to Adana on March 15, 1923. Many books, wax statues of Atatürk and busts from the Kuva-yi Milliye period are exhibited in the building, which is now used as a museum.

13. Adana Cinema Museum

After leaving the mansion, we did not enter the Adana Cinema Museum, which is right next to it. But I thought I’d write it in case you want to visit.

adana - cinema - museum

Adana Cinema Museum: Places to visit in Adana

Wax sculptures of Adana residents who contributed to the cinema are on display. Who are these Adana artists: Yılmaz Güney, Ali Şen, Şener Şen, Orhan Kemal, Abidin Dino…

14. Seyhan Dam Lake

Located in the north of the city, this lake is a place to walk around, breathe and rest. You have to come by car. Tiny peddlers along the lake draw our attention everywhere.

adana - places to visit

Seyhan River-Adana: Places to visit in Adana

At the same time, there are very nice restaurants and cafes to have dinner. We used our preference for Corporals. I advise.

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