Places to Visit in Sakarya

Places to Visit in Sakarya

Places to Visit in Sakarya; We have to say that you are very lucky if you happen to be in Sakarya one day. Because there are many places to visit in this beautiful city. Let’s take a closer look at these places!

Places to Visit in Sakarya Nature 

  • Gölbaşı Park : If you want to throw yourself into the arms of nature, your first choice should be Gölbaşı Park! It has a great view! A place where you can spend time with your family with its social facilities and playgrounds as well as a playground! 
  • Kent Park : Kent Park, located within the boundaries of Adapazarı district; it will be your favorite place especially in summer! It promises a wonderful view with the islets on the pond. In addition, you can spend peaceful and cool moments thanks to the tree shadows on the islets. 

Places to Visit in Karasu

Places to Visit in Karasu
  • Acarlar Floodplain : One of the first places that comes to mind when Karasu is mentioned is Acarlar Floodplain! We must express that it is a forest submerged in water. It has a wonderful natural look. It attracts attention with its structure consisting of sand, sea, forest and lake. It proves to be the best option for a holiday with its wonderful hotels with open buffet facilities. 
  • Maden Stream: You can’t stop by Maden Stream while you’re in Karasu! It will fascinate you with its unspoiled natural structure and the variety of animals it contains. 

Natural Beauties of Sakarya 

  • Kuzuluk Hot Springs : One of the remarkable natural beauties of Sakarya! It offers you the opportunity to visit it in summer and winter. You can make use of the fountains around the hot springs as you wish. You can also come here for the treatment of certain diseases. 
  • Forest Park: If you haven’t heard of ash trees yet, you should come to Orman Park as soon as possible. It will impress you deeply with its forest pleasure in the city. In addition, you can find many restaurants, cafes and parking lots within the park. 

Places to Visit in Sapanca 

If you happen to be in Sapanca, you should never return without visiting the following places.

  • Maşukiye
  • sapanca Lake
  • Sogucak Plateau
  • Sapanca Stallion Stream 
  • Kirkpinar Botanical Park 

Sakarya Akyazi Places To Visit 

If you are within the borders of Akyazı, the places you should see are; 

  • Beşköprü
  • Sülüklü Lake Nature Park
  • Hood Plateau
  • Asar Tepe
  • Ali Fuat Pasha Kuva-i Milliye Museum
  • Guzeldere Waterfall Nature Park 
  • Melen Stream
  • Dikmen Plateau 

known as. 

Hedek Attractions

Hedek Attractions

If you came to Hendek, you are very lucky. Because there are many places that you can visit and see. 

  • Uludere Stream: A place that everyone who comes to Hendek should definitely visit! 
  • Çiğdem Plateau : It is one of the most beautiful plateaus in Turkey. It is a place that impresses everyone with its clean air and lush nature. 
  • Bayraktepe: On this hill are all the flags representing 16 Turkish states. Just this feature is enough for you to visit and see!

Well, you can specify which places you would prefer to visit in Sakarya as a comment.🙂

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