Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup

Smokey Eyes Makeup; Even if we see the smokey eyes makeup, which we apply in different ways for every season and almost every day, in the summer months, it does not seem to have lost its effect. The tones that stand out in the summer months are mostly soft brown and nude tones. So how should these tones be applied? What are the tricks of smoke eyes makeup ? What are the tricks of smoky eye makeup ? How to do smokey eyes makeup? We have researched and compiled the answers to all these questions for you.

  1. Build a base
    First of all, apply eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid to make your eye makeup last longer. Then apply the matte, light brown eyeshadow up to the eyebrows with your finger or eyeshadow brush.
  2. Bright eye springs;

    Even though Smokey eyes make-up gives a mysterious look to the eyes in general, it makes them look a little small.

  3. Make focus;

    The second stage of Smokey eyes makeup application is to increase the emphasis. Choose radiant and slightly darker, milky brown tones and apply to the eyelid. Then, apply the shadow in slightly darker tones to the pit of the eyelid and distribute it lightly with a brush. Then apply the pencil shadow in metallic tones to the upper and lower eyelashes.

  4. Pay attention to small details;

    The dark eyeshadow you have applied to your eyelid causes the skin color on the bottom of the eyelashes to appear. Therefore, if you do not want to do a sloppy job, do not forget to cover the bottom of the eyelashes with a pencil.

  5. Last step lips;

    Finally, apply warm-toned mascara from the roots of the eyelashes to the ends to gain more volume. By applying lipstick in dry rose tones, you will add a pleasant atmosphere to match your make-up.

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