Statement from Sedef Kabaş's lawyer: She is not afraid, because she is right

Statement from Sedef Kabaş’s lawyer: She is not afraid, because she is right

Uğur Poyraz, the lawyer of journalist Sedef Kabaş, who was arrested on charges of ‘insulting the President’, said, “I visited my client Sedef Kabaş. Her morale is very high, she is not afraid. Because she is right.”

An investigation was launched against journalist Sedef Kabaş on charges of ‘insulting the President’ because of the words she uttered on the television show she participated in.

Sedef Kabaş was taken into custody at around 02:00 last night and taken to the Istanbul Police Department on Vatan Street. After spending the night there, she was arrested by being transferred to the on-duty court and was sent to Bakırköy Women’s Closed Prison.


Lawyer Uğur Poyraz made a statement about the latest situation of his client Sedef Kabaş. Stating that he visited Kabaş, Poyraz said, “His morale is very high, he is not afraid. Because he is right,” he said.

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